Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday, November 3rd

Mocha Soy Frappucino for breakfast (at least I think it was Soy. They didn't label the cup, so I may have taken someone else's Frappucino, which diminished the pleasure a bit).
Tofu Cakes $5.50 at Clare and Don's Beach Shack. Not as great as the Blackened Tofu, but hit the spot.
Dinner was more Tofu. This time off the Harris Teeter Hot Bar. Believe it or not, the below Green Beans below were originally Purple.
I first saw Purple Beans on Caralyn's blog. I saw them today for the second time at the Farmer's Market. I realize now that Caralyn enjoyed her beans raw, cuz if you cook them, they turn Green. One of them there fancy scientifical lesson things I try to avoid. Dessert was from Natalia's Elegant Creations.
I went with half of a Vanilla tonight which was sensational as always.
Planning to spend my extra hour tomorrow in pursuit of vegan grub.


foodfeud said...

The tofu cakes look awesome! Doesn't sound like too filling a lunch though. I realize I've been eating a lot of tofu recently too; I'm trying to cut back but it's just so eat and kind of perfect.
Interesting about the purple/green beans. You must have been happy to find out you weren't just seeing things.

Ingrid said...

The tofu cakes look fantastic! What was the dipping sauce?

I was just thinking yesterday that it's been nearly a year since I made the oven roasted tofu and green bean dish. I think you've convinced me it needs to happen soon!

Natalia certainly knows her cupcakes. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing "vegan" next to bakery items. :)

xvavaveganx said...

Weird that the purple beans turned green! So sad, I bet they were really pretty when they were purple.

You have no idea how badly I'd like a HOT decaf soy latte right now. Your Starbucks looks great, I'm sure you took the right one, The tofu cakes look fresh and delicious and that cupcake, yum!

Thanks again for your concern! We have been told we'll have power back by Wednesday, if not earlier. I'm hoping to re-stock my fridge and freezer next weekend assuming the gas situation has improved by then. can't wait to start cooking again!

blessedmama said...

I see you went with the cupcake half that had the chocolate doohicky on top. Grub looks good as usual. It's good to see your daily intake once again. Ahhhh.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, the Venti Frappucino was consumed only about an hour before the lunch, otherwise I would've eaten more. You have no idea how bummed I was to watch my gorgeous Purple Beans slowly turn Green. Why bother to sell them as Purple in the first place??

Ingrid, I believe it was Vegan Remoulade Sauce with the Tofu Cakes. A gift card to Natalia's would be a perfect Xmas gift for Grandma.

VaVa, the best feeling in the world is when the power comes back on. You think you'll never take it for granted again (but you will).

Blessed Mama, believe it or not, I've totally been planning to make your Maple Seitan, but I procured a Celebration Roast today, so I guess it won't be happening for another week or so.