Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WTF Wednesday

Eggless Egg Salad from The Common Market on Rye for lunch.
Veggie Burgers and Tater Tots for dinner.
Mocha Chocolate Cupcake from Vegan Treats via Loving Hut for dessert.
Still on the Vodka.


xvavaveganx said...

OMG that cupcake! Yum! Was this vegan treats treat as good as it looked? And mmm tater tots, bringing me back to my youth! A pile of those sounds so good right now. Can you tell I love carbs ;) I always love potatoes and bread!

blessedmama said...

They sure cut that sandwich up into little tiny triangles, didn't they?

Michelle said...

I want that cupcake!!!!
BTW, I had a small drink last night....Cranberry juice and vodka. :o)

kimberly said...

the eggless egg salad reminds me that i want to make the chickpea salad concoction! thanks for the reminder!

also, that cupcake looks pretty legit.

Susan G said...

Have you tried pear vodka? The best!

Jessica said...

Ok. I went to the liquor store today looking for that ginger vodka. Couldn't find it. So I bought regular vodka instead. Now I have buyer's remorse.

I wish I felt more compelled to seek out your vegan desserts ... instead, it's the booze. And I can't even do that right!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, the Cupper was even better than it looked! I hope to freeze some watermelon this weekend. Seedless I assume?

Blessed Mama, twas I who made the dainty toast points!

Michelle2, I hope you're not being corrupted by the vegan blogging community. That would be some what ironic.

Kimberly, there was lots of good sugary Chocolate/ Mocha frosting on that cupcake. Just how it should be.

Susan, I think I will purchase Pear Vodka on my next ABC store excursion. Great suggestion!

Jessica, no need for buyer's remorse: Liquor is a fantastic investment -- lasts forever/if company (or sister-in-law) come over they think its for them/ displays nicely/makes you feel prepared for unforeseen tragedy. PLUS: You can buy BOTH liquor AND desserts! It's not an 'either or' situation!