Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday, August 30th

Lunch: Mushrooms, Grilled Tofu and Tabbouleh with Bean Salad from WF's..
more Mushrooms landed on my Boca Chick'n Patties with steamed Broccoli for dinner...
back to the Flour and Sugar...an entire Sticky Fingers Chocolate Chip Cookie for dessert. It's a big Cookie, but at least it's really flat. Like the earth.
Counting down to the three day weekend.


Molly said...

One can never have too many mushrooms!

Your Whole Foods has so many good things. I wish I had something like that nearby for my work lunches.

Ingrid Improves said...

Hahahaha - Flat like the earth! I am also on the countdown, and pretty sure that my 12 lb canine is doing the same. He's making new torturous sounding whines when I leave each morning.

foodfeud said...

You really do like to keep your lunch food separate!

Rose said...

I was going to comment on the mushrooms...the marinated ones on the WF salad look yummy, and so do the ones that landed on your boca patties...I would love to eat in a magical land where mushrooms just came landed on my dinner! :D

As for the cookie, eating large and flat is a good strategy...could be the next diet craze.

xvavaveganx said...

Mmm I love mushrooms and the marinated ones look great! Another yummy looking WFs lunch. And your flat (like the earth lol) cookie looks yummy too. I def need to do dessert soon! I was checking out the vegan ice cream at the grocery store but they didn't have a good selection like WFs (which I tried first but they still have no power!).

Miss Rachel said...

Add me to the "mushroom brigade" - they look delicious. Mushrooms taste great, but I also love the way they look, especially the whole ones. They're like little artworks.

Flat like the earth - har har!

P.S. I found some of those vegan candy bars you posted about the other day. Oh my, am I going to blog about them!

Alessandra said...

That grilled tofu looks yummy as :-). Enjoy the three days weekend.


Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

I love Whole Foods salads. I don't know why I can never replicate at home, but they are super yummy. Guess I never have 100 ingredients cut up & ready to go at home. They are a splurge, but tend to be "date night" for us! Happens when ya get old and live in the midwest!

blessedmama said...

Whoa, you've become quite the gourmet with shrooms on your burgers! Good job. On the flat earth thing- I have a poster with the old explorer ships falling over the edge of the earth. The caption says, "told you so." Kids just stare at it endlessly.

Michelle said...

Your lunch looks great...especially that Tabbouleh with the Bean Salad.

lol...I like the looks of that large chocolate chip cookie that is really flat....like the earth. :o)

I'm on the count down to the three day weekend too! It can't get here fast enough!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Molly, it's pretty sad that Whole Foods is the only place amongst hundreds of local restaurants to find lunch grub that isn't laden with salt and fat.

Ingrid, aw! You need to get a Baby Bjorn and take that 12-pounder with you to work.

FF, I think you have my Shen's Segregated Salad confused w/VaVa's Bento Box. That's okay, I see you're busy with your 'zines. Who's lunch is who's is of no importance when you're handing over your paycheck to Kinkos every month.

Rose, if only I could get these gimmicks off the ground. At least the cookie was just plain flat, not crispy.

VaVa, WFs had no power?! These electric companies wield way too much power for my liking.

Miss Rachel, let's have a toast for the dou -- fungi lovers!

Alessandra, don't they have Labor Day in NZ? I ought to know that! I own both seasons of 'Flight Of The Conchords'.

GSGV, Middle Aged in the Midwest. I'm standng in the middle of life with my pains behind me.

BlessedMama, your house sounds like quite the amusement park... one daughter's year-round Xmas room, 'garbage' dinners, severed toes, babies birthin...

Michelle2, waiting for the 3-day weekend is an eternity. The 3-day weekend itself will be gone in the blink of an eye. Time is an arrow. Brian Cox said so.

Gosh I'm deep tonight.