Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, August 29th

Sweet & Sour Tofu...
and mediocre Salad from WF's for lunch.
Gardein Beefless Burgers and Oven Fries w/Elise's Fry Sauce for dinner.
Raw Tiramisu from Zia's Cafe via WF's for dessert. It didn't stay properly chilled en route home, but still tasted excellent. Just like real Tiramisu. Ingredients: Cashews, Almonds, Coconut, Agave, Coconut Oil, Raw Cocoa, Cold Presso Espresso, Vanilla & Sea Salt.
Not the most colorful day, but at least no flour and only a pinch of sugar (in the Burgers). Maybe Hurricane Irene knocked some nutritional sense into me.


xvavaveganx said...

That looks like a pretty good day to me! I love sweet and sour tofu! I wish my WF's carried more prepared Asian style vegan food. They mostly have Indian food and I'm not a huge fan of Indian food. I caught some sesame medallians there once and they were AMAZING but I haven't been able to find them again! And that tiramisu looks amazing! Maybe I'll check out the dessert section when I go to WF's tomorrow!

foodfeud said...

Raw desserts are almost always amazing.

blessedmama said...

You sound kinda sad in your post. A bit weary. Sorry the storm took so much out of you. I'll wait patiently for your acerbic tongue to return.

Miss Rachel said...

Deep-fried tofu with just about any kind of sauce makes me happy. I don't have much experience with raw foods, but that tiramisu certainly piques my interest.

Michelle said...

Yum...sweet and sour tofu sounds awesome.
I agree with FF on the raw desserts. I think I would have eaten dessert before the main course last night. :o)

Jessica said...

What's the concern about sugar? I just watched Sugar: The Bitter Truth at a co-worker's recommendation, and I can't say I was completely sold.

Molly said...

I haven't had sweet & sour tofu forever. It's so good! I must get some soon.

You are a lucky, lucky woman to have had vegan tiramisu.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, you're nice to say it, but it was a pretty bad WF's day. Super mediocre.

FF, this might've been my first time around the raw dessert block.

Blessed Mama, yes, you are quite astute. For me, personally, It might be better if hurricanes weren't predicted quite so far in advance. Maybe just two days in advance is enough notice.

Miss Rachel, the raw Tiramisu tasted just like, if not better, than real Tiramisu. Whodathunkit?!

Michelle2, you sound like Mr. SV. He prefers to eat his desserts before his meals.

Jessica, that movie is not on Netflix. I personally feel like sugar (and flour) contributes to depression. Might be all in my head though and obviously doesn't stop me from ingesting it.

Molly, I totally did not feel lucky to have the vegan Tiramisu. The guy in the WF's prepared foods dept kinda insisted I take it (for free). I didn't really want it. Then it melted in my car on the way home. Turns out, it was damn excellent. Must ponder why I am such an ingrate.

kimberly said...

that tiramasu looks really great! mmmmmm all the things i love rolled into one--mainly coffee.