Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday, August 8th

Today was one of those days when Whole Foods had nothing very interesting in the prepared foods section. I made do with Asian Noodle Salad, Tofu, Artichokes and Garbanzos. Tasted surprisingly great for just making do.
Field Roast Meatloaf, TJ's Tiny Taters and Roasted Green Beans for dinner.
More of the Sticky Fingers Sticky Bun for dessert. The Sticky Bun is getting a little better as the center draws closer. Doubt I'd buy one again though. Anyone else out there try one of these before? Anyone? Anyone?
Last week, Lacey recommended this Apple Ginger Vodka. When I was checking out with it at the liquor store, the very unfriendly manager broke character to say that it sounded good. It sure did and does!
Excellent rec! The vegan blogging community works!


xvavaveganx said...

I'd say your whole foods grub looks pretty good for being unremarkable! I love TJ's tiny taters, they roast so well. I've never had the cinnamon roll (or anything) from there...although from reading all of the blogs I read I find it funny that the items that places are famous for tend to fall flat! Maybe it is because the expectations are so high to begin with?

foodfeud said...

What did you drink the vodka with? Just ice?

Rose said...

Can't go wrong with noodles and tofu in my book! Dinner looks tasty too.

Apple ginger vodka...sounds good! I think Absolut is trying to come up with just about every flavor of vodka under the sun.

susan said...

I had the cinnamon bun and thought the same thing....kind of dry. The ones from vegan treats I had were more sticky bun then cinnamon bun so they were wetter.
And the vodka, damn. I was just Niagra and saw it in the no tax store and didn't buy it.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I'm glad you found the vodka! I really enjoy it with a bunch of different mixers. It's good with plain cranberry juice, with sparkling water and cranberry juice, with stevia sweetened citrus soda and with ginger ale. I hope you like it <3

Jessica said...

I was going to ask what goes with the vodka, but I see Lacey's answer.

I think the sticky bun is getting stale as you reach the center. You didn't give it a fighting chance.

Michelle said...

Your make do lunch sounds great.
I've never tried those sticky buns, but I'd sure love to.
Looks like your pup wants something to drink. :0)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, you're probably right. I've been wanting to go to Sticky FIngers for many years. Hope I get there again one day.

FF, there may have been some well water mixed in with the Vodka...

Rose, the Ginger Vodka is super Gingery. I wonder if Absolut's other flavors are as strong?

Susan, thank you! I am not a Sticky Bun fan to begin with, so if I'm going to eat one, make it be STICKY! No tax store in Niagra? Is that like Viagra? Or are you saying Niagara Falls?

Lacey, I think tomorrow I'll mix it with Cranberry. Excellent recommendation. I hope to try your Grits rec next!

Jessica, isn't it just like you to take the Sticky Bun's side! Typical!

Michelle2, yeah, I figured lunch would be a huge disappointment, but it was fantastic. Must've been the Miso on the Asian Noodles.

kimberly said...

i think it's funny how sometimes making do turns out to be pretty darn good.

also, that vodka is intriguing for sure. i'm going to have to find it and work it into my increasingly more frequent cocktail consumption [i blame summertime].