Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday, October 7th

A lousy food day. Starting with this mediocre, i.e., not crisp, Fuji Apple...
followed by a past its prime Heirloom Tomato...yuck..
Even Field Roast Frankfurters and a Dawson's Market mac & Cheese Muffin were a chore to eat...
Could a spoonful of PB and Carob Chips save the day? Not so much.
I may have entered into another non-delicious phase. I hate those. Let's hope it is short lived. Bye for now.


Sarah said...

Non crispy apples and past their prime tomatoes are definitely sad news. Perfect produce is so amazing but crappy produce really sucks. There doesn't really seem to be an in between. The mac n cheese muffin does look really good though. I'm surprised it didn't save the day! The peanut butter as well.

No don't jinx yourself! Just a little bump in the road, I bet tomorrow will be great!

Unknown said...

Oh man...crummy apples suck! Sounds like you need a do-over for today. The peanut butter must have been good, just maybe not what you were craving.
I'm sure tomorrow will be more delicious- and any more crummy produce can go to the pups :)

No trucks with kettle corn here, but there are always stands at the street fairs- they definitely use nonvegan sugar though. I keep making and snacking on noochy kale chips lately

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Sarah, thanks for your well-wishes. today has been better. Yesterday was so bad, i could actually understand how someone could dislike Olives. They were so salty.

Unknown, that is one of the perks of having Chickens -- those mediocre Fuji Apples will not be wasted. I wasnt even thinking of the sugar on the Kettle Corn, I was thinking of the butter.