Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday, October 30th

The other half of a Tofu Scramble Wrap with Hot Sauce from The Randy Radish for breakfast...
More heated up slices of Veggie Works Pizza from New Yorker Pizza for lunch...
Veggie Chili on Spaghetti with Beans and Onions carried  from Hard Times Cafe for dinner. It was such a massive amount, I only ate half...
A 'half' theme has developed. 50% or fractions. Whatevs. Finally, half a Woodlands Vegan Bistro Chocolate Chip Cookie for dessert. Stale, but still great...
Pretty great food day. Bye for now.


foodfeud said...

So when you say slices, how many is that?
I've always been curious to try spaghetti like that. Doesn't it have a specific name? I can't recall it, though. The onions are raw?
Good on ya with half a cookie, I can never manage that. In fact, if there are two in a package I usually eat them both, rather than half of one.

Sarah said...

The breakfast wrap always looks so good. So does the pizza. I kind of want to make a tortilla pizza now... I'm with ff... your dessert restraint is always impressive.

So I went out and got some amazing grass powder today. Can't wait to try it!

Ingrid said...

Halves mean more opportunities for deliciousness later!! I like the looks of the thin crust pizza. I still haven't had the chili/spaghetti combo, but after this cleanse... Ha ha!

TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! Is Mom still unwell? :( Sending healthy thoughts.

Unknown said...

121Well in nyc those two dinky slices would be one slice. Big thin slices so you can fold in half easily-if its not wide enough you can't fold it!
I don't understand the chili on spaghetti thing, but i'm also not from the midwest so there's that. Looks sturdy.
Stale cookie?? Yikes. Did you at least dunk it in some almond milk to try and revive it?

Hope you're right, by the end of november last year i was in my winter coat already... :/ i should leave mason a note with his doorman.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, those were two slices of a madium 'za. The Chili on Spaghetti is ordered as a 'Veggie Mac' or, depending on what you get, a 'Chili Mac Two Ways' etc. Definitely raw Onions. Jalapenos are another topping option.

Sarah, oh, yeah, I used to do the Tortilla Pizzas a few years ago. You will enjoy the Amazing Grass, no Stevia in it.

Ingrid, when will the cleanse be over? It seems to have been going on too long. Mom is still under the weather, but she knows there is a Groupon due to expire so she has till December 11th to pull herself together else I am out $15.

Unknown, we dont do the pizza fold thing down here cuz the dc area pizza is not the kind you want to funnel into your mouth. i was thinking of a little PB on the cookie, dunking never crossed my mind. I will remember for my remaining two cookies. how cool would be to hold the door for Mason everyday while he marches his little body in and out?