Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday, August 6th

More Plums this morning. All the Plums I have had this summer have been sensational. Has fruit gotten good again?
Loving Hut Tofu and Vegetables for lunch....
Boca Burgers on Rudi's English Muffins with Oven Fries for dinner...
Anyway, I am stuffed, so no dessert. More Soy tomorrow. Bye for now.


foodfeud said...

Fruit has always been good! It is just there waiting for you!

Sarah said...

I've actually had really great peaches and cherries this year! I'll have to go for some plums next time I go to the store. Yours look great. As does the Loving Hut meal. Do you prefer the Loving Hut tofu and veggies or the Ma Po Tofu? Dinner looks so summery and yummy! Great food day overall. I wish I could WFH so I could make really yummy meals all day.

Ingrid said...

English Muffins > Burger Buns?

I'm still stuffing my face with watermelon, but I trust your plum reviews.

Unknown said...

I haven't risked plums myself this year but my jersey blueberries have been great. The loving hut lunch does look a lot like what pf chang's does..... With more interesting veggies.
Your oven fries are always impressive.

I always think of bubble boy from seinfeld but your reference is probably the right one...clever name for a bakery.
I just had an iced cold brew coffee from jack's stir brew to keep me going yesterday afternoon- grom's raspberry sorbetti was tempting but the line was too crazy to deal with.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, in my experience with Fruit, it was great in the olden days, then got dry, tasteless and mealy for many years, but in recent years has started to be something safe to buy again.

Sarah, do you buy your Peaches when they still feel hard and wait for them to get soft. I never want to bite into a bad Peach again in my life. This is sacriledge, but I gotta admit, I prefer PF Changs MaPo Tofu to Loving Hut #22.

Ingrid, English Muffins are more plentiful in the house than Burger Buns. I do cut up a few Watermelons every summer for Mr. SV, but it doesnt tempt me. The Pups love it. Does Remy love Melon too?

Unknown, I forgot about that obnoxious Bubble Boy from Seinfeld. No CC Cookies for his type! Sipping a nice Iced Coffee does sound great whille pounding the sidewalks of NY. I want to go there so bad.