Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday, August 10th

I achieved my ideal breakfast this morning....
Even though I went to three grocery stores today, I didn't remember to buy Buns at any of them. So dinner was leftover Sloppy Joes on Rudi's English Muffins....
Tomorrow will be at least three pics I am sure. Bye for now.


Unknown said...

Yay! The stars all aligned for you this morning!
Three grocery stores?? That's ambitious.....hope you found some fabulousness. I actually went to the store myself today and fell for the vanilla chia pod-which is silly cuz i make my own but maybe i'll learn their secrets.

I think i'd rather have english muffins than buns. Again with the stunning fries! I'll look for the sloppy joe mix, i've been wanting stuffed peppers yet with a non rice filling so that should be perfect.

Mason sends you kisses!

foodfeud said...

Ideal breakfast, eh? Not bad.
I always forget something important from the stores too, unless I write everything down. (Even then...)
Hope you remember to eat more today. I know it's hot but I live off yr food photos.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

Unknown, yep, I went to Whole Foods, Wegmans and Harris Teeter. Most of the stuff I bought wasnt even for me. I was sorely disappointed with the Chia Pod I bought a year or two ago. No where near as good as ...wait for it....LPQ's. Let me know what you think about it. maybe they've improved it since I bought one. Put a NYC Fireman Hat on Mason and he is your dream man! I am sending kisses back. He looks like he has very soft lips.

FF, till you & G make me brunch, LPQ shall remain my ideal breakfast. No driving downtown like going to Sticky Fingers. No waiting for an hour to get a seat like at Busboys and Poets. l got your photos for you. lots o photos.