Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday, August 20th

So there was something new today after all. Too busy for breakfast this morning meant no food till I got to the North Bethesda WFs at lunch time. They have a grill and fryer with a separate section for vegan items. You just fill out a form with what you want and the Veggie Burger $6 and Fries $2 are made to order A great deal, and even though I was ravenous, definitely very delicious. Wish more WFs had this set up...
Kept the WFs theme going with the last of my Herb Crusted Tofu and Roasted Zucchini for dinner..
Things  took a turn for the disappointing, however, when I decided on half a WF's Cranberry Muffin for dessert....One friggin Cranberry in the entire Muffin and you're looking at it! Guess that previous Muffin with tons of Berries was apparently an aberration. This one still tasted very good though....
I foresee a lot more Tofu in my near future. Bye for now.


foodfeud said...

Very sad cranberryless muffin. Odd shape too, no?
The burger and fries do look good. And not too shabby on the price.
Do you put any spices on yr roasted broccoli?

Sarah said...

Very cool about the WFs setup! And the burger and fries look great so bonus for that! The muffin is pretty sad looking so I guess the other one must have been a fluke. You really must have stocked up on the tofu, but I don't blame you!

Oy I have not taken any pictures because I've been so busy with laundry and cleaning but it's going ok. I'm going to try and get a few pictures. i'm supposed to ban TJ from the bedroom tonight but I've been in here for 20 minutes and I already feel guilty. I think I'll just have to deal with the laundry in the morning and let him in. I have one picture each of TJ and Tyler, I'll post them soon.

Ingrid said...

There is a sandwich cart/grill station at a WF near me, but I haven't even glanced as that area is very "paleo-centric". I'll glance next time, if only for you. ;) $8 for that great looking meal is fantastic!

Oh cranberry! At that point, you wonder - why did I bother with the muffin?!

Unknown said...

That is really amazing they have a seperate section aaaannnd cook to order! Those are the only fries not made by you that look tempting... Kind of like english "chips" style.
How lame with that muffin, false advertising!!

I ducked into WF for green juice and pretzel chips and the pretzel chips rang up the wrong price (they were on sale) and they checked (i was right about the price) so they were free! If it rings up wrong you get it free! Who knew?? I recycled my chia jar yesterday, one i use for paperclips on my desk, but usually i just recycle them. Tiny apt = no room for nonessentials.

Abby Bean said...

Oh those fries look terrific. That muffin, however... Muffins, in general, are not to be trusted.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, I think that Muffin shape is supposed to be extra fancy. I put S&P on my roasted Zucchini. I will forgive this vegetable oversight, since really, wgas what I eat?

Sarah, so much for a spa week. I couldnt sleep knowing a little pup wanted in.

Ingrid, I verified tWFs would do not my Burger with the others and watched them closely. Different Spatula and everything. I used to have that same issue at Johnny Rockets and I felt like an idiot watching those cooks, but the WFs guys were so friendly and cheerful. I am regarding the other half a Muffin as a nice piece of very plain cake.

Unknown, these WFs Fries were definitely up there amongst the best ever. I have gotten a few freebies like that at WFs where they couldnt ring up the price, but by the time they fill out the form...well...I guess it was still worth it. Such a shame to toss those adorable little LPQ glasses. LPQ should take them back to donate to elementary schools for crafting.

Abby, well, in WF's defense, they didn't do the old 'Berries on Top but not on the Inside' trick they usually do. There were no Berries on top at all.