Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday, August 13th

Usually, I buy and cut Watermelon for just Mr. SVegetarian (and the Pups). This morning I decided to try some for myself. Really impressive. I can now see why Watermelon is so popular....
A late lunch/early dinner from The Randy Radish. The Tofu Reuben with Crinkle Cut Fries. Major lack of foresight on my part not getting extra Sandwiches for future cuz wooo! good stuff!
Just the two meals/pics today, but at least it wasn't the same old. Speaking of the same old, that is what is in store for tomorrow. Bye for now.


Unknown said...

Ummmm..... Did you not like watermelon until today????! Did you have some kind of previous traumatic watermelon experience? I thought loved watermelon!
I eat obscene quantities of it all summer.

Randy to the rescue! Awesome looking sandwich. Given the choice i would order the Shen Special fries over crinkle fries- maybe you can show them your oven fry secrets in exchange for a year of!


foodfeud said...

I am not a watermelon fan either, really. maybe I'll consider another attempt?
Great looking sandwich. Hopefully you'll be able to stop by Randy Radish again soon.

Sarah said...

I'm with Unknown, I'm a watermelon junkie during the summer. I eat tons of it. Had you never tried it until now or have you just had sub-par crappy watermelon that wasn't really representative of its awesomeness? Either way I'm glad that you gave it a shot and that you enjoyed it!

Randy Radish does it again. Another amazing meal. I'm sure you'll get there soon enough and now you'll know to stock up :)

Ingrid said...

Welcome to the Watermelon Lover's Club! It is imperative that you get a good watermelon, as I've had a few sour/mushy/unripe melon slices in the past. But once you find the sweet ones - you'll be hooked!

Tofu Reuben and Crinkle Cut Fries?! I would want to stop up, too!

Ingrid said...

*stock up. No stop up. Gross.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

Unknown, Watermelon is not the friendliest fruit. It is messy and sticky and the seeds...most of the time not worth it. I just happened to purchase and cut up a good Melon this week. Totally random. Thanks for the compliment on my Fries. If the impending layoffs come, maybe I will go into the Fry business.

FF, I dont want to advise you on trying Watermelon again. I know the misery of getting a bad Melon.. Randy Radish is opening a storefront soon, which should make my life easier.

Sarah, I think I recall seeing lots of Watermelon on your old blog, and I can see where it would be great for a raw food diet cuz there is just so much of it. I am sure Tyler and TJ wouldn't mind you sharing some during your stay.

Ingrid. i hear ya on not stopping up the works. Been there.