Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday, August 4th

Three Big Ripe Juicy Plums for breakfast..
the last of the PF Changs MaPo Tofu reheated for lunch (I think it tastes even better after reheating)...
some LPQ Bread toasted up with leftover Basil Dressing for a mid-afternoon snack...
WF's Herb Crusted Tofu with Russian Dressing (Just Mayo and Ketchup) and Roasted Squash for dinner. There is going to be a lot of soy ingested this coming week...
More Macerated Strawberries on TJ's Chocolate Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert for dessert..
Grandpop's Smokehouse Popcorn for an after-dessert snack...
Bye for now.


Sarah said...

Lots of good stuff happening in this post! The plums look really delicious, I've been loving my stone fruit this summer :) I bet the Ma Po Tofu tastes even better with time because the flavors just get to absorb even more. It looks great, and I love that you got three meals out of it!

You know I'm all about those strawberries :) It looks great on your ice cream and popcorn is a perfect night time snack.

foodfeud said...

I like this day because there are more than 3 meals. People need to snack!
Eagerly await yr soy.
Did you make a new batch of strawberries or are they still holding up?
What is the smokehouse popcorn like?

Unknown said...

Pretty plums! Good thing the mapo reheats well, the broccoli still looks lively too.
Did you see about the security breach at PF's? Odds are you would have noticed fraudulent activity but check their website, dunno if its the one you go to in VA that was affected.
Tofu dinner looks great but yeah, I'd need some snacking afterwards too. I love popcorn but hate flossing it out of my teeth for so long afterwards.....

And all i know is that at work when we had a very small fire on another floor there were plenty of women touching up their lipstick and smoothing their hair on the sidewalk waiting for those hotties to come save the day.....(which they did. Of course. )

Jenny said...

My favorite looking thing is the bread with basil dressing.

Abby Bean said...

I agree with foodfeud: three cheers for the snacking!

Ingrid said...

Like Ttrockwood, I heard about the security breach and hoped that your local PF Changs was not included!

I have plum envy because I purchased some a week or two ago, then found out they were part of a listeria recall. Boo hiss.

Are the strawberries better with each passing day? I'm guessing so, as they would be like the MaPo and increase their flavor!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

Sarah, I wont risk buying any Peaches. Have you had good luck with those this year? The Strawberries are still firm and fresh. Fun stuff.

FF, this is the same batch of Strawberries. They are staying sparkling fresh in my magic fridge. The Smokehouse Popcron is great. Has a hint of sugar which was nice.

Unknown, fortunately, none of the breached locations of PF Changs were near me, but I am still paying with gift cards anyway. You are really elevating these firemen to superstar status. Not so much love for the NYC cops I guess?

Jenny, if only the bread snack wasn't consumed so quickly.

Abby, no snacks yet here today. were I in the office, the vending machine would have nabbed me at least once.

Ingrid, my PF changs was not one of those affected by the security breach. I had no idea there were so many locations. Wish they were more convenient to me. Sounds like you got your Plums at Trader Joes. Did you bother getting your money back or it wasn't worth it. Same Strawberries going strong.