Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WTF Wednesday

I'm making this another 'wordless Wednesday' post, because there is nothing that isn't self-explanatory...
Bye for now.


Hannah said...

Nothing not self-explanatory? What are we, mind-readers? WHAT KINDS OF CHIPS ARE THOSE

Sarah said...

Haha I wanted so badly to be a pain in the ass but alas... you are true to your words (what few you included in this post! I should learn from you and stop being so verbose... I feel like I'm boring!). Great looking meals and that blondie always makes me jealous. I should eat some oatmeal before it turns into smoothie season!

Unknown said...

I like raisin clumps- they get extra chewy. I purchased my first package of tofurky in like ten years or so the other day! Totally your influence- i got the peppered one, its pretty good aside from the rubbery texture.
Coleslaw on the sandwich is just so efficient..... The blondie looks super fabulous as always.

I'm sure you don't want to know what the furry kids are up to when they are home alone.....just assume they are angelic 100% of the time :) and most likely all the bestest of friends

Vegan In The VI said...

Hey Now!!!!!

Hannah, they are only the most delicious chips on the face of the earth!!!! That is what kind of chips they are!!!!!

Sarah, I need to hire you to write my blog for me (oh, and while you're at it, you can do the photography too).

Unknown, I used to only get the Peppered Tofurky but seem to have moved on to the Oven Roasted for some reason. Probably because I'm more into the Vegenaisse on the Sandwich than the Tofurky. Are you are missing Mason now that you're Citibiking to/from work?