Tuesday, April 1, 2014

WTF Tuesday

In case it's not apparent from the lack of header, advertisements, about me and every other blog accoutrement, I'm very lazy. To further emphasize that, I will not bother to type any words in this post....
Bye for now.


Sarah said...

Haha, the fact that you are posting means that you aren't as lazy as you think you are ;)

Everything looks so delicious! You know I'm always a fan of the bagels and oven fries. Lunch looks really great too and OMG that might be the cutest critter pic ever! What a hilarious moment, I love it! And I also love ice cream :)

Hannah said...

See, if I could blog like this, I wouldn't take a break. But photographing everything I eat would be mortifying for not only me, but my parents, who brought me up to know better.

Unknown said...

The bagel looks good but i can tell its past its prime....hope you toasted a little life into it.
Hope you enjoy the soup as much as your daughter did! Love that photo!!
The liberal use of brightly colored condiments on dinner is practically the same as a colorful vegetable....
Day old vegetarian summer rolls suck. Don't get those for later.....(sticky gluey yet also dried out wrapper and inside noodles :/ )

Ingrid said...

Is it weird that at first glance, I mistook the Boca Burgers for rice cakes?


foodfeud said...

Yeah Poley! Git that soup.
I'm with Sarah - you can't be THAT lazy if you post everyday. Some days I just lean back upon my fainting couch, wrist to forehead and say "I couldn't possibly even LOOK at the blogs today."

Abby Bean said...

I can totally respect a wordless post. A wordless post with an awesome picture of a pooch eating ice cream? More, please!

Also, I agree with Hannah; I don't have the nerve to post everything that goes into this piehole!

Vegan In The VI said...

Hey Now!!!!!

Sarah, writing all the words is the hard part. I don't know how you do it. Sometimes I think about consulting you when I have to write gift cards.

Hannah, 'mortifying' is definitely the word to describe my situation. And, yes, I do blame my obsession with food on my mother (not my father, he wasn't into food).

Unknown, I toasted the Bagel, but not as much as I should have. I would guess summer rolls wouldn't survive. Were tightly wrapped in cling wrap? That's how they come from Loving Hut.

Ingrid, Rice Cakes?! Perish the thought. With Ketchup, Mustard and Pickles: even worse!

FF, if I wrote up an informative, entertaining and engaging post with personal details about my co-workers and roommates every time I blogged, I'd collapse on my fainting couch as well. Good thing I don't have a couch.

Abby, this blogging compulsion started with a vegan MoFo a couple years ago. I haven't been able to stop since.