Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday, April 25th

Another pound of Organic Strawberries for breakfast...
Chipotle Sofritas Bowl for lunch...
Boca Burgers, TJ's WW Hamburger Buns and Oven Fries for dinner...
No dessert. Lunch with Mom tomorrow. Bye for now.


foodfeud said...

LPQ tofu scram can be done without avocado, but a burrito bowl without guac is so sad! I know it's expensive though... maybe you should bring yr own.
I agree with what everyone else said the other day - that is an amazing price for organic strawberries. Glad you are enjoying them.

Unknown said...

Those berries!! Perfection.
Maybe FF lost her glasses, looks like some guac in the corner there. I rather like the cilantro rice at chipotle- the counter lady looked at me like i asked for her first born when i inquired about buying just some of the rice and beans one afternoon.
I am always impressed by your dinner potatoes!
Hmm. Maybe mom will go with to LPQ?

Sarah said...

You've been getting some really beautiful berries lately! I'm definitely jealous, I have to make sure they are on my grocery list this week.

I'm still curious about the sofritas, I may just suck up the cilantro overload and give it a try. Nice oven fries.

Hmmm... not even going to venture a lunch guess because I'm always wrong ;)

Vegan In The VI said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, you need to replace those big horn-rims. There was a major 'Plup' of Guac on my Bowl. It's not such an amazing price for Organic Strawberries, but thanks.

Unknown, I'm wondering if there are actually lenses in FF's glasses or if she is just wearing them like that hat and those earrings in order to look intentionally silly. I'm sure that Chipotle Counter Lady never had a request like that. Although, I do see that if you have a party of 20 or more, you can get big vats of all the fixins delivered. I took Mom to LPQ the first time I ever went and it was a bad scene. We changed seats three times (she wasn't into the communal table thing) and then she was chasing around all the servers after our meal to dispute some issue with the .69 tax on our bill.

Sarah, you aren't a big faux meat fan, so you may not like the Sofritas. No, you never would've guessed the debacle that was today's lunch. Oh the humanity!