Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday, April 17th

More wordlessness aka. laziness. Bye for now.


Sarah said...

Haha my first thought before anything loaded was that it was another wordless post :) Your pictures speak volumes though! I'm now craving pb and banana... I'm wondering how that would taste on matzoh. Probably not great. Lunch looks delicious and that Thumb's Up bar definitely should be in my belly.

Haha, omg no I don't need any more excuses to be itchy! My seasonal allergies have flared up really bad so now I'm dealing with itchy remnants from the patch testing and seasonal allergy. I'm a hot mess, ha!

foodfeud said...

How did you cook the morel? It looks like tempeh, kinda. I want to try one but it just isn't the same adventuring through shoppers to pluck it outta the bin at WF.
Nice job loading all that banana on.

Ingrid said...

I wonder who inspired your pb & banana on a toasted muffin? ;)

Nice looking lunch and dinner!

Okay, no clues on lunch with Mom. Hmmm. . .it will involve salads.

Unknown said...

Well, i'm just going to assume that wasn't a new jar of nutzzo you used for breakfast.....;)
You found a few more morels? Or maybe those are just halves.... Hope they were yummy- i have yet to find a mushroom i don't like! (Ok, so i hate canned mushrooms....)
The candy bar looks wonderful.

Vegan In The VI said...

Hey Now!!!!

Sarah, I'm just shocked there were any comments on a wordless post. Seems really unfair if I'm too lazy to comment on my own post that others would make that effort. Unfortunately, they say the pollen this season is gonna be unusually horrible. I guess you already knew that.

FF, I fried that Morel up in a pan. Didn't really taste like anything though, so you may not want to try one that way.

Ingrid, DING! DING! DING! DING! DING!!!!!!

Unknown, no more Nuttzo for me. That was PB & Co. Cinnamon Raisin on the English Muffin. So good. Those were my Morel halves. I know there are a lot of avid shroomers in the hills of California. Hopefully, one day, if you haven't already, you can go hunting for Chanterelles a la Michael Chiarello.