Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday, April 21st

An FF-style breakfast: Strawberry Jam and EB on a Toasted Rudi's English Muffin for breakfast...
Leftover BiBimBob for lunch...
This is the biegest meal I've ever eaten. I could have trying jazzing it up with some color, but didn't feel like it.
Bye for now.


Sarah said...

Is it a glare from the lighting or was there zest on the jam? It looks like there is zest but it also looks like it could be glare. Leftovers for lunch look great and the beige meal looks tasty. We've all had those meals. Potatoes don't add color but they sure are delicious!

Unknown said...

English muffins and jam are so good! Love that you're generous with the jam too.
Bibimbap in koreatown is always served in the stone bowls- the rice edges get crispy and its crazy hot. Looks like the one in this recipe:

Beige can be good! The chubby little potatoes look great.

foodfeud said...

I approve of breakfast. Had some leftover EB from the dump cake? What kind of jam do YOU use?
Dinner is pretty beige. Would you say you "splurted" or "plupped" on the gravy?
I apologize for yesterday's ignorance. must have been the heroin making it hard to pay attention.

Hannah said...

I'd be eating nothing but that dump cake if I were you. but I'm not, so keep eating your veggies.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

Sarah, you can rest assured it's glare not zest. Guess glare is a big no-no in your world.

Unknown, Koreatown?! I haven't even made it to Little Italy yet! That was a cute video of the Korean girls.

FF, I always have EB in the house for when Mr. SV eats Potatoes. This was Wegman's Organic Strawberry Jammmin Spread. Not the greatest. I'd say I 'plupped' on the gravy. Well, at least I know you aren't feeling depressed anymore!

Hannah, I do have a lot of Dump Cake to ingest. Sorry you're not here to help.