Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday, September 1st

Brunch was at Tavern 64, where I greatly enjoyed the 'Vegan Hash' $12 Tofu, Potato Hash, Black Beans, Peppers, Onions and Chipotle Drizzle. I wonder what would happen if I asked for extra Drizzle...
Le Blob...
La Pasta Vegan Cheese Ravioli for dinner...
Mrs. Mays Veggie Chips for dessert. I like these because they take a long time to eat due to sturdiness.
One last special lunch out tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Love that breakfast! The blob is pretty awesome, too. :)

I think most people who park in Walmart parking lots are just passing through, so they try to save some $$ by parking there for free.

I get the impression that other states don't have bookings like we do. Wisconsin seems kind of crazy with it....

Vegetarian Grub Girl said...

That breakfast hash looks tasty.
is it spicy with the chipotle drizzle?

The ravioli's also look yum! Definitely craving some now!

Sarah said...

That breakfast looks incredible!! That hash looks like total perfect and you know I love the blob ;) The ravioli looks really great too! I love those chips too for the same exact reason.

I hope you enjoy some nice summery fare tomorrow!! A refreshing summer beverage perhaps ;) Can't wait to see!

Hannah said...

If you asked for extra drizzle you might end up with soup.

Ingrid said...

I used to think the Tofu Scrambler (from Cafe Nola?) was the best, but I think Tavern 64 wins. It is all about those ingredients and that drizzle. Yum.

Happy extra day off tomorrow! Woo hoo!

foodfeud said...

I always like a little extra drizzle too.

Unknown said...

For a non vegan place i am seriously mpressed with the hash! I'm with hannah on the "drizzle" situation- hope it was as good as it looks.
Lovely pile of raviolis and the vggie chips. I always pick out the green beans first, they're my favorite.

Tomatoes from the back yard, corn from the neighbors and lots of sunshine here for a few more days :)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

RVs, I've learned so much about Wisconsin.

VGG, I think the Drizzle is just Vegenaisse Chipotle Mayo. Not that that's a bad thing.

Sarah, I hope you had a nice holiday as well. Perhaps with an adorable little girl.

Hannah, I'll try for a Spicy down pour on my next visit to the restaurant.

Ingrid, I do hope you hit Tavern 64 with Grandma (as well as LPQ). Happy Extra Day Off to you as well.

FF, some how you've taken an innocent request for extra sauce and made it seem lewd.

Unknown, the dried Green Beans are fun, I agree. Wish there were more in the bag. Very different scene than the hustle and bustle of NYC. Wonder how long it will take for you to get over it?