Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday, September 21st

Double breakfast today. Started out this morning with the Tofu Scrambler $9.95 at Le Pain Quotidien...
followed later in the afternoon by a $3.59 Tofu Breakfast Wrap carried out from Dawson's Market for lunch....
This Wrap could not be more bland and boring if I had made it myself at home. But I ate all of it anyway...
A single Field Roast Frankfurter with Blessed Mama's Sauteed Dino Kale with Criminis and Tomatoes for dinner. Kudos, as always, to Blessed Mama for coming up with a classic taste sensation.
No dessert after all that grub. My readership tends to be very hip and media savvy, so I am sure you've all seen this photo already. It has been successfully cracking me up every time I look at it. I am posting the link (click on 'this photo') in case anyone was too busy living their lives to surf the net today and happened to miss it.


Hannah said...

I'm clearly not hip or savvy, for I had not seen that photo. This only increases my fears of ever having children.

foodfeud said...

Ditto. Too busy living my life outside to see the photo.
Bummer about the wrap; it looks like it'd be difficult to live up to the LPQ scramble anyway.
Nice looking kale side for dinner, though. It's been a while since I've had kale.

Unknown said...

Another score for LPQ.....too bad dawson's cant figure out the magic. The dinner kale does look amazing, thanks for the link!
Totally didnt see that photo, but its hysterical/petrifying at the same time.....

The pickled ginger i love because it tastes great, but it is suppossed to help with digestion. I like it with bites and save a bit for the very last bite. Good stuff.

Sarah said...

Soooooo I thought you'd like to know that I'm two coconut margaritas deep right now (and this comment is taking a long time to type hahahahaha). I definitely had you in mind and thought you'd be proud :)

Anyway, two breakfasts would normally make me very happy since I wish I could eat breakfast all day every day... but sad, bland breakfasts wraps are just a bummer. Those greens are not a bummer though, they look delicious.

I hadn't seen that picture before and I don't even know what to say. Every day I go to work I see at least one picture that belongs on the Awkward Family Photo site and at least one a**hole doing duckface (usually more than one a**hole to be honest). People just need to stop trying so hard...

Vegetarian Grub Girl said...

Yum! I love breakfast foods, especially when they involve tofu!
Too bad the wrap wasn't good!

The dinner looks really good!
I hadn't seen that photo but wow!

Anonymous said...

Love that photo. Such a great outtake shot!

Two breakfasts sounds good to me but it's too bad the wrap was so bland.

Great angle on the frank shot. That could be an ad for Field Roast!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

Hannah, I'm sure if you have any kids, they will be safe in your care.

FF, I know you prefer Collards to Kale. Guess you could make Blessed Mama's recipe with either one.

Unknown, I am surprised people are reacting with fear at the photo. It's not like the family was standing on asphalt. Anyway, I will try the Pickled Ginger next time I get some Sushi. Not sure why I ignored it before. Shame on me!

Sarah, I am both proud and relieved that you celebrated your birthday as you had hoped. I will have to try a Coconut Margarita ASAP. Being in the photography industry, you must see lots of hilarious pics.

VGG, I love breakfast foods as well. Especially Pancakes.

RVs, sure wish I could get a viral photo or video on the web. Sorry for all the Mustard on the Frank.