Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WTF Wednesday

Kashi Indigo Morning Cereal with Almond Milk for breakfast. Thinking I wont buy a box of this again...
Lunch was carried out from The Randy Radish ...
My 'Tofu Reuben on Marbled Rye with Sauerkraut, Homemade Swiss Cheez and Thousand Island' with Fries. Possibly the most delicious thing I've eaten in my whole life. Including my pregan days.
Mr. SVegetarian got the 'Beyond Meat Chick'n Philly Cheezsteak on Whole Wheat Bun with Onions, Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Cheez'. I had a bite and it was soft and gooey and excellent. Not as great as my Reuben though.
Dinner was Spinach Alfredo PastaIngrid recommended this recipe as a way to use up Spinach and I'm so glad she did. It turned out really well, we enjoyed it.
Here is the giant Morel that Mr. SVegetarian brutally decapitated with the lawn mower yesterday...
Here's a Buttercup...
Here's Donovan manning the barn entrance...
More WFH grub tomorrow.


Molly said...

Donovan is looking very serious! Such a handsome guy. I love buttercups so much.

At first I thought I need to get some of that cereal because it looks really good... what about it makes you not want to buy another box?

Both of your lunches look SO delicious. I could go for either one and would have a hard time deciding.

Ingrid said...

I love everything in this post! The Randy Radish lunches look divine. I'm adding it to the VA "eat list".

I am so glad you liked the recipe! I have loved everything I've made from her site - peruse it sometime.

Flowers! Kitty! Donovan is doing a great job as the barn butler.

Mary said...

That reuben looks as good as it sounds! You sure have an attractive pet family!

xvavaveganx said...

Donovan!!!! What a sweet face! Love that pic! The buttercup is so pretty too!

Haha that's awesome that the reuben was so great, especially after a disappointing one recently (if I remember correctly?). Looks really good! Yeah I don't know how I feel about that cereal and I haven't even tried it, ha!

I know, I always want a margarita but rarely drink em! A large, potent drink like that is definitely saved for special occasions ;)

Hannah said...

Donovan has pretty eyes. And of course your sandwich won; it has sauerkraut.

1eded7a4-91c0-11e2-bd5a-000bcdca4d7a said...

What a great day of eats!
That reuben looks delicious!

Unknown said...

That sandwich sounds great- and the marble rye is always so pretty too! And they are really generous with the philly cheesesteak- 2 sandwiches?
So sad that your morel had his future cut short before meeting your dinner plate :/
I love your cat. I can see the personailty from here!

I usually made up my veggie patties on the fly ( add more salt and spices than you think they need) but also made this really easy one : and they turned out great- i swapped in brown rice, added sunflower seeds and left out the butternut squash puree. I have to mention her quinoa granola- its addictive- i omit the buckwheat and add more quinoa

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Molly, Donovan just looked that way cuz the sunlight was in his eyes. I'm not thrilled with the style of Flakes in the Indigo Morning Cereal. I prefer the Flakes in the Blueberry and Strawberry Cereals better.

Ingrid, tomorrow I am going to print off the Carrot Cake recipe from the site you gave me. Looks so great.

Mary, I definitely do have some pretty babies. They're a great joy.

VaVa, you remembered correctly, I had a sub-standard Reuben last weekend. The cereal tastes just like it looks like it would. Sounds like you are craving a big frozen Margarita, not one on the rocks.

Hannah, I never even tasted Sauerkraut in my life till about a year ago. Such is the fun of being a vegan.

1eded7a4-91c0-11e2-bd5a-000bcdca4d7a, it was such a great day of eats. Gonna be hard to top, but I'll try.

Unknown, ha! That is one Philly Cheezsteak, not two. Making my own Veggie Patties sounds like a recipe for disaster. I have made these Patties a couple times with leftover Rice from carryout. The recipe is similar to the one you linked to:

GlutenFreeHappyTummy said...

wow, shen! that reuben really does look outrageously good! wow. wow. wow! and your cat is so cute...very dramatic!