Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday, May 7th

Breakfast was a Lydia's Organics Raspberry Bar . The wrapper suggests moistening the bar before eating, but I didn't do that. I enjoy gnawing on press board.
Got my Tofu and Broccoli for lunch off the WF's Salad Bar rather than PF Changs. Not as delicious as PF Changs, but still good.
Gardein BBQ Riblets and Mac & Cheese from Dawson's Market for dinner. Really enjoyed this meal.
So Delicious Turtle Trails for dessert. Another great choice.
So it was all uphill from breakfast. 


xvavaveganx said...

Looks like a great day! Although am I the only one that finds it a little odd that they suggest you moisten the bar before eating? That aside, you may not have gotten to PF Changs but your WFs lunch looks delicious! Love the bright greens! Have you ever had the Gardein BBQ skewers? I used to love those and have never tried the riblets. Do they taste similar? Oh man I could go for some ice cream right about now!

Hannah said...

Isn't the whole point of snack/energy bars that they're convenient? Are we all supposed to carry around little spray bottles of moistening fluid?

Ingrid said...

HA! Hannah's comment about the spray bottle - good point.

Very colorful lunchbox from WFs. I'm thinking our respectful WFs need to have a chat again about switching up the hot bar selection. Speaking of stores, are they still stocking the chai? I'm hoping it's not a trial run. I'd ask grandma to check hers (who'll be here Thursday), but she tends to shop mostly at Giant.

Unknown said...

That breakfast bar sounds high maintenence. And not yummy. The hot bar lunch looks like a great assortment- and colorful! Those riblets have always made me curious but haven't tried them yet.... I had some ice cream today too! I love that its finally warm eough it sounds good again

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, that is wild that you've had the BBQ Skewers. I would never think to buy those but now I will.

Hannah, the energy bar wrapper suggested dipping the bar in a cup of tea, if spritzing with water wasn't an option.

Ingrid, our local WFs realized they weren't supposed to be stocking the Chai. At least that's what I assume since I can't find it anymore. Giant really needs to up their game, but I guess they have loyal customers like my mother that keep them in business.

Unknown, I bought a Spirulina bar as well. Guess I'll try moistening that one. Bet you had some interesting NYC Vegan Ice Cream...but we'll never get to see it or read about it...