Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday, May 5th

Lunch was two carry out appetizers from Zeitoon: 'Falafel' $5.99 and 'Zaalouk' $4.99 Pureed Eggplant with Tomatoes, Garlic, Cilantro, Lemon Juice and Moroccan Spices. Basically it was dry Falafel, paper-thin Pita 'Bread', watery Tahini Sauce and I'm not even sure how the Eggplant was supposed to be good. I hate wasting a meal, but today I did just that.
Moving on. Below is the economy pack I bought to make Margaritas tonight...
when I opened it and read the Mix ingredients, I said, 'I ain't drinking that sh*t!' If I want to ingest Yellow 5 and Blue 1, I'll just eat a box of Jujy Fruits and enjoy it. Not one to waste anything, I drank the Tequila with Lemonade and I'll put the bottle of mix on the 'Piranha Table' at work.
On a less cranky note: Tacos for dinner.
Recently, I realized that, even though I have never been to Ohio, I happen to have several Buckeyes on my property. Below is my Buckeye Hen (a very sweet bird)...
and this is one of the Buckeye Trees that I planted to attract Hummingbirds (although I've never seen a Hummingbird near it). 
I was going to keep the Buckeye theme going for the post and make Buckeyes for dessert, but lost my momentum and so it kinda doesn't make much sense. So I had half a Double Chocolate Cupcake from Sweetz Bakery for dessert.
Mr. SVegetaran had the other half. We both were impressed by the moist cake and light, whipped-cream-like frosting. It wasn't sickening. Kudos to Sweetz Bakery.
WFH grub tomorrow.


Hannah said...

I wish you'd made buckeyes. That amount of frosting skeeves me out. But I guess it's better than booooooooeggplant.

Ingrid said...

One of my co-workers is a tequila snob, and now has me (not seriously) considering a $45 bottle of Don Julio Reposado. I shouldn't be allowed to try expensive items. I don't like sour mix - good move to make it with lemonade.

I have neither a) been to Ohio, B) seen a Buckeye Hen, C) ingested Buckeye treats. Thanks for showing me B. ;)

Unknown said...

Oh man- when falafel is bad it is so. Bad. That sucks. ( be warned! Trader joes frozen falafel is surprisingly horrible!). Good rescue for the margaritas- i have used odwalla's limeade before with great success.
So glad the cupcake ended the day on a sweet note ;)
I had no idea there was such a thing as a buckeye hen, quite a cutie pie.
Shroom story for you- A few years back i was in spain at (another) restaurant without a single veg item on the menu (yes i drank a lot on that trip!)and i asked they make me roasted veggies- half the plate was a gorgeous chanterelle and porcini mushroom mix, just olive oil and salt. Best meal ever. I have been trying to recreate it since!

foodfeud said...

We have a Zeytouns here too... maybe the spelling difference helps the pitas. Watery tahini sounds really sad.
They ought to post the ingredients on the outside of the package, but I do like the term "Piranha table." Ours at work lately has been housing expired candy.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

Hannah, I really wish I'd made the Buckeyes too. Hope I get up the energy to try again soon.

Ingrid, wonder why your co-worker doesn't tell you to buy Patron Tequila? I've never had Buckeyes either. So I'm a 'B' person as well.

Unknown, it's so difficult to find good Falafel in our area. What a wonderful story about your meal in Spain. I've always wanted to recreate the 'Horseradish Soup' I had in Garmisch, Germany many years ago. Not possible.

FF, every office has a Piranha Table. Hope the expired candy on your's is vegan.

xvavaveganx said...

Ugh how annoying that the meal was disappointing! And that the mix ingredients were so disgusting! Sounds like a crappy start to the day but it looks like you recovered well :) Love the buckeye theme! The cupcake sounds really delicious and the tacos look perfect!