Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday, May 18th

Tofu Scramble at Le Pain Quotidien for breakfast...
The Tofu Reuben carried out from The Randy Radish for lunch...
Chick Pea Soup from Le Pain Quotidien with Olive Bruschetta for dinner.
Half a piece of Sweet & Natural Carrot Cake (no website anymore) for dessert.
A great food day. Good thing I'm not gluten free. No clue where/what I'm eating tomorrow.


xvavaveganx said...

A great food day indeed! Yay for LPQ! That tofu scramble looks delicious! Did you hoard lots of that yummy looking jam for that bread? WHat's happening on those fries? I'm guessing it's either a cheese sauce or maybe some extra dressing from the sandwich? Chickpea soup sounds like exactly what I need right now. And that carrot cake, yum!

Hannah said...

Heck yeah that's some good eatin'. I like how every meal you eat comes with a side. Always.

Unknown said...

What an epic day of deliciousness! LPQ really did well today- the soup looks like a nice balance of broth to stuff, and of course ll soup needs bread. Are you a dunker too? Olive tapanade is the best way to top thick toast!
So glad the randy radish is around to make ruebens at your whim :)
The carrot cake looks like it has a great texture, and a good icing layer. Was is cream cheesey?

Molly said...

What's up with places not having websites? That's just weird, IMO.

You had a really delicious day of eating out. Are those cheesy fries I spy with that reuben? Le Pain always looks like it has such great food, too.

Regarding vinegar- I really don't mind it. Sauerkraut makes Mike gag (literally, he'll start gagging if he smells it), but I like it. I also love pickles if they're of the spicy variety.

Ingrid said...

Your Randy Radish visits remind me that I need to revisit the Vegan Van, although she doesn't have that delicious looking Tofu Reuben. Yum! I did read something about her trying out a few new recipes. . .

LPQ really seems to know what they are doing!

foodfeud said...

Le Pain Quotidien just put out a new cookbook! I'm actually considering buying a non-vegetarian cookbook for the first time ever. It's gorgeous. Think ya might pick it up?

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, I ate about a half a jar of the 'free' Jam with my bread. That's Remoulade Sauce on the Fries. The LPQ Chickpea Soup would definitely help cure what ails you. Although, Cookie Dough Ice Cream is also a cure-all I believe. I looked for some today and couldn't find any.

Hannah, if I can't get a side, at least I try to get a garnish. It's not always easy to do.

Unknown, totally dunked the LPQ Bread in the LPQ Soup. Love dunking and dipping! Surprisingly, the Carrot Cake Icing wasn't Cream Cheesy. I still have half a piece left to contemplate that issue. Cream Cheese Frosting on Carrot Cake is De Rigueur but this different Icing was very rich and complimentary to the cake.

Molly, it's so frustrating that Sweet & Natural doesn't maintain their website because their product is so good. That was Remoulade Sauce on the Randy Radish Fries. Really awesome stuff. I could just drink it straight up. No Reubens for Mike! I'm hoping to live the rest of my life without ever gagging again. Not sure I've ever had spicy pickles.

Ingrid, seems like Vegan Van season is upon us again. That was fast.

FF, LPQ has big hard cover cookbooks on display around the restaurant. Never crossed my mind to buy one. I think the recipes would be too advanced for my skill level, but you can buy one and bake me something out of it.