Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday, May 11th

After sleeping in late, lunch was at Good Natured where Mr. SVegetarian and I shared a bowl of the 'Golden Harvest Soup' $5.95 made with Yams and other Veggies along with Coconut Milk...
My Tofu Reuben and Route 11 Chips $9.95 It was all right, but I'll try something else next time.
Dinner was Falafel, Mushrooms and Veggie Pasta that I got off the Wegman's Hot Bar last week.
A mini Carrot Cake from Le Pain Quotidien. Oddly, this little Cake was more like a Muffin than their actual Carrot Muffin.
Mother's Day tomorrow, in case anyone forgot.


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous that you dreamt about Airstreams. I've never had a dream about one! heh :)

Your dinner sounds extremely good. I could go for some of that cake, too.

Urban_Lake said...

That carrot cake (muffin) looks perfect! I might have to make some later :)

xvavaveganx said...

Oooh that carrot cake muffin/cake thing! Yum!!! Looks great!! The falafel sounds good, how was it? The soup looked really great too! Too bad the reuben was just meh. At least you made up for it later!

Ingrid said...

Lovely soup; it looks so healthy and delicious. A tofu reuben, as opposed to tempeh - sounds like it might have worked. Was the flavor a little off? Or maybe bad kraut?

The pasta dish sounds good!

I spoke to Grandma about you ("she has recommended all these great places for us to eat on my next visit"), and is game to try them. ;)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Molly, yes, in my dream I saw two big shiny Airstreams speeding down the highway. Unfortunately, because I was going in the opposite direction so I couldn't get a photo.

Urban_Lake, shredding all those carrots to bake a cake is too much work for me. Just can't do it.

VaVa, the Falafel was okay, but I can't say anything was good enough to make up for that meh Reuben t lunch. Appreciate your effort to be positive though.

Ingrid, the Reuben wasn't very flavorful, although, it would've been okay as just a Grilled Cheese. So pleased to be able to good provide conversation and activity for you and Grandma.

Hannah said...

Ah, the mysteries of muffins.

I ate a lot of Take 5 bars when I was on exchange at UVA in 2007. They taste stale to me now, but I still love the principle of them.