Monday, May 20, 2013

WTF Monday

Uncle Sam Cereal and Almond Milk for breakfast. Intense tiny flakes. A little bit goes a long way.
Cucumber and Cream Cheese on a Toasted Everything Bagel for lunch. A lot goes a little way.
Field Roast Celebration Roast with Imagine Mushroom Gravy and Roasted Cauliflower for dinner. Just right.
The other half a piece of Sweet & Natural Carrot Cake for dessert. Hard to believe I always hated Carrot Cake till the last year or so. Carrot was the Cake that was always thrust upon me at social functions.  When served free choice, it's so much better.
Will I get my *ss into my cube tomorrow? If so, that will certainly impact my meals.


xvavaveganx said...

Haha I bet you can make a whole batch of those truffles from the Newman O's for less or only a tiny bit more than you paid for those raw truffles. ;)

In what way are those tiny little flakes intense? I feel like I'm missing out on the everything bagels with tofutti and cucumbers. Always looks so tasty. I should roast some cauliflower before it gets unbearable hot. I feel the same way about carrot cake. I never liked it and now I can't get enough!

Anonymous said...

I've always loved carrot cake, so I'm glad you enjoy it now, too. It does indeed make a difference when you can choose what food you eat!

We did find morels but didn't have anything to carry them in, so we went back today and they were gone. :( We're going to hunt for more, though! I did get a picture of them which I'll post eventually, though.

Hannah said...

This is the Goldilocks of posts, with cake.

Ingrid said...

Uncle Sam Cereal is a new one on me. Intense like Grape Nuts (as in the jaw strength) or in flakes?

Hooray for bagel and cucumber! Maybe we've had this discussion before: am I the only one who leaves the skin on my slices?

Unknown said...

Uncle sam's is definately serious for a cereal.... I used to take apple slices smeared in nut butter and dunk in uncle sams. Random.
Nice olive assortment there with your open face shenwich!
Now i am wanting carrot cake. But it needs a cream cheesey frosting. Off to google it up.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

VaVa, you could certainly $upplement your income with your baked goods. They're definitely better than most commercially made baked goods. The Uncle Sam's Cereal is extremely nutritious. WIth most cereals, you can eat a big bowl with no issues, but after a few spoonfuls of Uncle Sam's, you're more than satiated and ready to stop.

Molly, can't wait to see the pics. The Morels need to be carried in a brown paper bag so they can breathe. But I'm sure Mike could've donated his shirt for such an important occasion.

Hannah, Baby Bear had everything 'juuuust right'! Hard to make that happen regularly.

Ingrid, yes, Uncle Sam's is intense like Grape Nuts in that 1/2 cup is enough. Not as tasty as Grape Nuts though. Unless your Cucumbers are organic, I'd peel them.

Unknown, dunking PB coated Apple Slices in Uncle Sams is totally random if ever there was a definition of randomness. Here is the Carrot Cake I was planning to make before I saw I could buy some already made in the store: