Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday, May 25th

Late Breakfast/Early Lunch was at The Common Market. Starting with a cup of the Black Bean Soup while I waited for my...
Tofurky Reuben...Not as good as usual, but still good....and pretty...
Gardein BBQ Skewers and Broccoli for dinner. The package says to serve the Skewers on Pita or Rice, but there happens to be a lot of Broccoli around here.
Chocolate Chip Cookies from The Common Market for dessert. They're no where near as good as Uncle Eddies, but it's important to support local vegan business.
This was an exciting event today. When I was turning on the hose this afternoon in the backyard, a little critter quickly shuffled away from me and hid behind our heat pump. I ran inside to get my camera. Here it is walking in front of the basement door:
I think it is a female Northern Bobwhite Quail. She didn't mind me taking lots of pics from a few feet away. Such a sweetie. Hope she stays safe and sticks around.
Maybe something equally exciting will happen on day two of my vacation.


Ingrid said...

What a beautiful quail! I don't believe I've seen one in a really long time, and she certainly is kind to let you take pictures!

How interesting that the skewers are actually on skewers. I probably shouldn't be surprised. ;)

xvavaveganx said...

Wow that quail is gorgeous! What an exciting sighting!! She definitely posed nicely for the camera :)

Yummy looking meals! The black bean soup looks great. How did you like the skewers? I remember liking them and I don't like BBQ at all. It probably isn't super authentic though, lol!

Bummer about the ice cream! What a tease that it was there but you couldn't get it! I hope you can snatch some up soon!

Anonymous said...

Such an adorable quail. I would have been excited to see one, too! You got a really great shot of her.

Delicious day you had!

GlutenFreeHappyTummy said...

Aw what a beautiful quail! Good eyes to catch that! Enjoy your vacation!

foodfeud said...

What a sweet looking quail! Really pretty, glad you could catch a shot.
You should grill up those skewers with some onions and mushrooms and peppers for memorial Day! What's the point of having a backyard without grilling in it?? (or seeing wild fowl)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Ingrid, not only were the Skewers on Skewers, but they easily slipped off the Skewers. Pretty nifty!

VaVa, I liked the Skewers. I never would've bought them if you hadn't said you bought them. Just seemed gimmicky or something, but it was neat to have them. Not giving up on getting that ice cream into my freezer.

Molly, getting the quail pic made me so excited that I was going to become a great wildlife photographer. Not even a Butterfly floated by today.


FF, literally the first thing I did when buying the house was buy a grill. My grilling dreams never came to fruition. Reality is harsh.