Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday, December 22nd

Breakfast was a cup of the Vegan Chili at Black Bear Bistro.
Lunch was the Blackened Tofu with Pumpkin & Walnut Salsa $7.95. This was the first disappointing item I've ever had at BBB. Clare & Don's has apparently cornered the market on Blackened Tofu.
Boca Burgers and TJ's Tots for dinner. I couldn't think of anything else to have.
A Nana's Lemon Cookie for dessert.
For those who prefer fur over food, I spent some time in the barn this afternoon. Here is what Buttercup always does to distract me while I'm doing the chores.
Mystique just observes. She doesn't have to resort to any schtick to get attention.
Donovan is still my ultimate favorite.
...but Jasper is a close second. He has grown from a tiny timid kitten into a giant goofball.
More favorite foods tomorrow.


xvavaveganx said...

Ahhh fur baby pics!!! They are all so cute! I kind of really love the one of Jasper, he really is a goofball! They are all too cute!

Too bad your lunch wasn't too great! It's tough when you have high standards set but other places. It looks really good though. At least dinner made up for it and those cookies sound delicious! Pretty successful day I'd say!

Unknown said...

Ooooohhhhh maannnn those are some gorgeous adorable fur babies! Just from the photos i get a sense of their personalities...
That chili looks nice and chunky- i never order chili out because i'm a wuss and cant handle spice.
Not sure i ever understood the appeal of "blackened", kinda sounds like code for "burnt to $hit" to me. The pumpkin and walnut salsa sounds genius tho.

Anonymous said...

I love the kitty photos! They're all so adorable and their personality really shows. So cute!

Bummer about your lunch. It sounds good. At least the rest of the day was delicious.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, yes, my expectations of Black Bear Bistro were too high. I should just be grateful for them offering a selection of vegan entrees. Thanks for the compliment. Hope you sent in the pic of your brother's cat to the 365-days-of-cats folks.

Unknown, can't handle spice?! How dainty you sound. I suppose I'm okay with food that's burnt to sh*t. You learn a lot about yourself when you blog. I highly recommend it.

Molly, my critter crew won't pose like yours. Don't know how you get all those pics.