Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday, December 17th

My last Energy Bite from last winter. Delicious little buggers.

This Lentil Dal Burger was supposed to cost $4.99, but ended up costing $9.98, because the dang cashier charged me twice. At least it was pretty tasty. Not worth $10, but still good.
A cup of Adobo Black Bean Chili was enjoyed as well. I've really come to appreciate this Chili in recent months.
Boca Burgers and leftover Fries for dinner.
The other half a Peppermint Brownie $4.00 from Great Sage for dessert. 
Pumpkin Waffles for breakfast tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

You've had those bites around since last year?! Those are some hardy little morsels!

I've been really enjoying grapefruit lately. So good.

Next time we stop at Whole Foods we'll have to see if they have that chili. Mike would be all over that.

Ingrid said...

I noticed those energy bites in the bulk section at Whole Foods. I thought of you, and controlled myself enough to not squeal and take a picture for you.

Grr, double charge! I'm glad it tasted delicious anyway.

xvavaveganx said...

I still can't believe those bites lasted so long! Your ability to keep food fresh never ceases to amaze me :)

Such a bummer about the double charge. Did you not notice it until too late or did you just not want to fuss? I'm not one to fuss in a restaurant about stuff like that since I'm such a pain in the ass to begin with ;) The chili looks great and oh man that brownie!!

foodfeud said...

That's frustrating about the dal burger. Glad you enjoyed it, though. It does look great. I went to a new WF today and there was a different yet confusing selection. maybe I'll check my usual place for the burger. And the price.

Alessandra said...

ahhh didn't you get the money back?


The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

Molly, these Energy Bites didn't even get that funky 'bloom' on them after all that time laying around. They might really be super powered.

Ingrid, and I thought of you when I saw the Coconut Milk Egg Nog on sale for $2.50. Gonna have a glass soon (with Rum) for dessert.

VaVa, it is definitely weird how my food stays fresh. Even my mother's soy milk gets lumpy but mine never does. Unfortunately, I didn't notice the over-charge till I got back to work.

FF, I think only my work-local WF's has/had the Dal Burger. It was from a little 'station/hot plate' set up in the corner of the store. They have a different $5 lunch item (called a Blue Plate Special) every day.

Alessandra, no, I didn't realize the over-charge till I got back to work. I'm a very lazy person, so I doubt I'll pursue trying to get my $ back.