Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WTF Wednesday

More Eggless Egg Salad for breakfast, but I added a few Tomato slices to make it less boring, but eating Tomatoes for breakfast was a little rough. Guess I need to gently transition into some foods.
Kung Pao Tofu $6 and a Spring Roll $1.50 carried out from Mimosa Restaurant for lunch.
Lentil Chili from the Common Market for dinner. Lots of excellent mysterious flavors.
Mac & Cheese from Everlasting Life Cafe. Cold.  It's still great that way.
Coming up tomorrow: Hoping to get my *ss to PF Changs for some MaPo Tofu.


Molly said...

Your lunch looks perfect. I wish there were restaurants like that close by here where I work. Although coming home for an hour has its perks, too, like time with the girls. :)

I love cold pizza, so cold mac & cheese might be up my alley, too. I love how it stayed in form.

Ingrid said...

Do you do tofu scrambles in the morning? Tossing in some tomato chunks (along with whatever else you love) into that would be a gentle transition.

If you are craving MaPo, could it be that the Kung Pao left something to be desired?

Long lunch breaks are lacking, but I have two 75 minute planning periods(one at grade level plus one with content colleague) which include gossiping along with grading, emails, blah blah. So I kind of get "other" breaks.

xvavaveganx said...

Interesting about the tomato! I agree with Ingrid, tofu scrambles with tomato is really great and would be a gentle transition :) Your lunch looks really amazing!! I'm totally into eating leftovers cold and I bet that mac and cheese was amazing cold.

I'm hoping you get some Ma Po Tofu too! I still haven't been there yet! said...

oh my gosh that lunch is making me drool! and haha, i always start my day with tomatoes -- seriously! i guess i haven't really thought about how strange that is:)

Mary said...

Well the breakfast looks awesome with the tomatoes but sorry to hear the transition was rough! I haven't been to PF Changs since we lived up north but I remember it was quite good.

Miss Rachel said...

I don't really get eating cold macaroni and cheese, but people here seem to like it so maybe you're on to something.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

Molly, coming home to the girls at lunchtime is way more important than any food.

Ingrid, very rarely do I do Tofu Scramble for breakfast, usually just dinner, but you are right, it is great with Tomato. I was wondering about the MaPo craving myself. Why MaPo Tofu? Regarding the two one hour and 15 minute breaks -- that seems even more restrictive to me for some reason than the 30 minute lunch. And I'm a big clock watcher.

VaVa, you've only eaten Chili twice and you've never been to PF Changs. Time to update that bucket list.

GFHTummy, you always start the day with Tomatoes? I guess I'm okay starting with some Ketchup on Potatoes. Or perhaps a Bloody Mary.

Mary, PF Changs is great simply for listing their ingredients.

Miss Rachel, I just happened to eat the Mac & Cheese cold cuz I was too impatient to heat it up. It was really great though.