Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday, September 1st

After sleeping in late, lunch was at Mellow Moods Juice Bar....
Tempeh Rueben $7.95 no Swiss with Potato Salad. My personal mood wasn't exceptionally mellow.
String Bean Almond Soup from Soupergirl for dinner. Way to honor String Beans. Who knew this common bean could be rendered so intensely and delicately at the same time?
Also TJ's Crispy Tenders with Heinz-57. Crispy and Tender.
A Coconut Cupcake and half a Raspberry Bar from Natalia's Elegant Creations for dessert. Way too much sugar for me. Not sure why I did this to myself.
Coming up tomorrow: Sleeping off dessert. Hoping to drag Mr. SV out to lunch again.


foodfeud said...

Wow, the string bean soup is quite a color and a pretty original flavor. Very nice.
One of these days I'll try a vegan Reuben...

Anonymous said...

sleeping of dessert. haha - that's funny. If I had both of those delectables in my house, I would have definitely eaten them both too! And what a CUTE restaurant!! that sandwich looks divine - those slices of avocado - swoon:) Sounds like a great day!!

Ingrid said...

Looks like a cute place. Nice big chunk of avocado with the tempeh, yum! String Bean Almond Soup is one I've not heard of before, but judging by looks - I believe you when you say it is good!

Hoping you survived the sugarplum sleep, and a savory breakfast resulted.

Miss Rachel said...

I love the looks of the lunch place; the food looks good too of course. Green beans have been really good lately, and I can see how they might make a good soup. Dessert looks yummy, but not as good as homemade.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, the String Bean Soup was right up there with The Rising Sun Smoothie in terms of greatness. And in terms of never being recreated by mortal man.

GFHTummy, I'd trade in these cute local restaurants for the Angelica Kitchen and Candle Cafe in a heart beat.

Ingrid, yeah, really overdid it on the sugar. Still recovering.

Miss Rachel, who knew Green Beans have been good lately? You didn't tell us! I just recall seeing the Wax Beans on Miss Rachel.

xvavaveganx said...

Oooh yum! The sandwich looks great and I spy avocado! The soup looks lovely and the crispy tenders get me every time. Hopefully dessert was at least worth the sugar rush!