Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday, September 22nd

A most delicious lunch was enjoyed at  Clare and Don's Beach Shack. My Fried Dill Pickles $4 to start...
and my Blackened Tofu Sandwich $8.50 (Hi, Jenny!)
Below is Mr. SV's Swamp Thing $10.75 Dirty Rice with Blackened Tofu and Vegetables. Very spicy.
Boca Chicken Patties for dinner.
 In honor of VaVa's birthday, I made a few Painkillers tonight. Many happy returns, Vavs!
From earlier in the day are pics of some of our Chickens eating the Side Salad from Mr. SV's lunch...
The biodegradable container was pecked clean by Chicken bed time. Coming up tomorrow: The Outlets and then the mid-day meal.


Molly said...

Your lunch looks great! The Palomino Bar has fried pickle spears that Mike really likes.

Love the pictures of the chickens. They're all so beautiful. <3

foodfeud said...

Ha! I love those chickens pecking away! mr. SV's meal looks incredible! (I say as my mouth is burning from too much spicy hummus.)

xvavaveganx said...

I'm going to sit here and tell myself that you posted the awesome pics of the chickens for my birthday as well ;) Because I'm self centered like that, ha!

Anyway, yum!! I've never had deep fried pickles before but I've always been a bit curious about them. Your sandwich looks delicious but Mr. SV's meal looks AMAZING!! I love some spice and that looks like a really great, cozy bowl of food. Haha I am glad that you had a drink with me today and yours looks yummy and has a gorgeous model! Cheers to you Shen! :) said...

haha smart chickens:) and what a delicious day! those pickles and that sammy -- wowsers!

Nikki said...

Yum! Deep fried pickles! I want. Cute chickens too :)

Mary said...

Those fried pickles look amazing and your chickens are adorable! I had a few chickens when I was little that lived on my Grandmother's land. :)

Ingrid said...

I just noticed there is a recipe in Veganomicon called "Messy Rice", to take the place of "Dirty Rice".

Holy cow, the Painkiller recipe sounds delicious, a little tropical.

Your chickens must be so happy, with all of the love and tasty treats you bestow upon them.

Happy shopping!

Jenny said...


Miss Rachel said...

Yummy looking food, but the animals of course steal the show. Cute dog and those chickens are pretty cute too. Sounds as if they enjoyed their salad.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Molly, Fried Pickles aren't your thing?

FF, that's why I posted a pic of Mr. SV's meal. It was really pretty.

VaVa, ha! Are you going to add 'self-centered' to your 'about me' page?

GFHTummy, I am sure there was only about 1,000 calories in my lunch.

Nikki, you definitely do want these Pickles.

Mary, hopefully, one day you'll have chickens again. They're awesome pets.

Ingrid, I was only a week late with my homework assignment.

Jenny, look at the blackened deliciousness I enjoyed!

Miss Rachel, critter pics always bring the comments. I'm shameless.