Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday, September 8th

Mr. SV won the lunch vote. We went to Everlasting Life Cafe, where I had some Potato Salad $3.85...
and a Panini $6.00 which would've been a lot better on different bread. That is Mr. SV's Chicken Sandwich on the right.
An artsy photo of my Rising Sun Smoothie $6.00 that I got to go.
Creamy Corn Soup from Soupergirl for dinner.  Like last weeks String Bean Soup, this was the complete essence of what we thought we knew as 'corn' but in liquid form.
And that's all the grub I ate today (not including the Vodka (thanks, VaVa, for getting me hooked on that)). Coming up tomorrow: More lunch out. May my choice of venue finally win.


Ingrid said...

Regarding yesterday: what an amazing blueberry muffin! I hope you stock up soon!

What was in your panini? I sure hope you brought home some more deliciousness from Everlasting Life.

Vodka and soda? Martini? Shots?

xvavaveganx said...

Haha I don't even know how I got you hooked on vodka cuz I don't even drink it, but oh well! A little kick in your drink won't hurt ;) The panini looks yummy and I like the artsy smoothie photo ;) That soup sounds so good, I love corn soup! Gotta get in as much corn as possible while it's still in season!

foodfeud said...

mr. SV chose well. I can see what you mean about the panini - isn't the whole point that the bread is thin and flattens into the inside goodies? Usually fluffy bread is good but that's not what I'd expect a panini to be. Is that what you meant about depressing sandwiches? It still looks pretty tasty.

Anonymous said...

That potato salad looks super creamy & delicious. Too bad the bread wasn't the best on your sandwich. It looks kind of funky...

Mary said...

Love potato salad, it looks so good! And now I want a smoothie!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Ingrid, it was a Turkey/Cheese/Mayo/Tomato Panini, but can't recommend it due to the bread. Definitely brought home lots of Mac & Cheese (no desserts to buy yesterday). Vodka and water no ice.

VaVa, it was last summer when you recommended some refreshing cocktail recipes. Now everyone in my AA meeting is like 'who/what is this VaVa?'

FF, you said the lack of green made your Tomato and Daiya sandwiches depressing. This Panini wasn't depressing, just disappointing.

Molly, yeah, they used a buttery type Biscuit for the Panini. Very strange choice.

Mary, Potato Salad is great stuff. Fortunately, it's easy to veganize.