Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday, September 13th

You know...
A Burrito Bowl from Chipotle for lunch. Followed by a portion of TJ's CC Raisins. There are some extension cords and what not on my work desk.
Vegan Chicken Fried Rice from WF's for dinner. No way I can make Fried Rice this good myself. Just not possible.
An entire piece of Sweet and Natural Toffee Crumb Cake for dessert. Like Pumpkin Pie on a piece of moist yellow cake. And by that I mean it was unbelievably delicious.
Coming up tomorrow: Another Groupon induced lunch out with Mom. Let's pray it goes smoothly.


Anonymous said...

I just checked out Sweet & Natural to see if they ship their goodies. That looks so perfect & delicious!

Good fried rice is such a treat. I hope the lunch with your mom is just as good. :)

Ingrid said...

I do believe the universe is reminding me to use the Chipotle BOGO coupon soon (it expires in the next couple of days), so I too will enjoy a burrito bowl. Mine will look just like yours. Did you ask for extra lettuce?

Sarah's Unfried Rice recipe is really good, and if I can make it - you can, too.

Dessert - yes.

foodfeud said...

Dessert looks awesome! I wonder if someone could pull off making that. Blessed mama, maybe.
Glad to know they are extension cords and not snakes after your lunch.

foodfeud said...

Oh PS I don't know exactly when fig season is, but I've heard it's short on the East Coast and I know people have been enjoying them for a while now. I did see some on the street fruit cart walking home, but I wasn't going to risk it.

xvavaveganx said...

Haha I'm 100% neurotic. No doubt about it ;)

That cake seriously sounds so good! You had me at pumpkin pie! It looks really fresh too which just adds to how amazing it must taste.

I was thinking about grabbing some Chipotle today but the cilantro turned me off a bit. Your bowl looks really yummy though! The fried rice looks really great too! I've been eating a lot of rice lately, it's so easy but such a great meal!

blessedmama said...

My fave dish of yours is that pumpkin cake - yum!

My computer will not connect to the internet. G is a master computer genius, and he gets paid the big bucks for that by other people. Anyhow, he's run all kinds of debuggers and done other computer-y things and can't resolve the prob. So, I'm on his computer right now. The problem is it doesn't have a photo drive hookup to it, so no new posts for now. I'm out of town for the weekend in a few hours, so he's going to try and rebuild it by the time I get back. Long enough explanation? :-)

Nikki said...

That dessert looks really great. I might have to try making something like that.

Can't believe I've never ate at Chipotle. Everyone's always posting these good looking foods.

Mary said...

One of these days I need to try a Chipotle bowl, looks great! The cake looks delicious as well!

GreenWorld said...

Chipostle is fantastic. High quality food and delcicious too.
Green world

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Molly, if you email your address I would love to ship you some of my favorite Sweet N Natural goodies to try.

Ingrid, I have never seen a Chipotle coupon ever anywhere. So strange. It did cross my mind to ask for extra Lettuce, but I was too timid. And I seriously doubt I could make any Fried Rice that would taste delicious.

FF, great info on the Figs. Thanks for that:-/

VaVa, so Cilantro has been added to your list of no-nos. Mr. SV is a Cilantro hater. Fortunately, I don't have that issue.

Blessed Mama, that is a very strange problem. It sounds like G has 'tinkered' with the computer a little too much. If it were my computer, I'd be seriously pissed.

Nikki, it's the first time I've ever seen Pumpkin Pie on Cake. Chipotle is pretty good, but you're not missing much.

Mary, there are so many vegan options in California, why waste a meal at Chipotle. It's just for us deprived vegans.

GW, calm down.