Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday, September 15th

It was another Tofu Scramble fail at The Common Market. They only had lunch items on the hot bar at 11am, so instead of the hoped for Scramble, I got a Tofurky Reuben $4.99 and a Kombucha $2.50. The sandwich was incredible so it actually worked out really well.
Mr. SV & I then drove a couple miles south to supposedly see some local artisans at Flying Dog Brewery.
Turned out to be just a few vendors there, so we each got a pint of the Harvest Ale for $4 and high-tailed it home. Dullsville. Ground Zero...(to be fair, I'm sure it got real exciting after we left).
Corn and White Bean Soup from Soupergirl for lunch.

Reheated Stuffed Cabbage with Broccoli and Cauliflower that I got off the hot bar at Common Market earlier.
Three Sweet and Natural Strawberry Thumbprints for dessert.

Coming up tomorrow: I'm afraid to say since today didn't work out exactly as planned.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh that cabbage wrap looks SO amazing!! sorry about the tofu scramble -- at least the sammy was delish!! :) Hope tomorrow's a dynamite day!

Stephanie said...

Their reuben is so awesome! Glad you liked it.

moonsword said...

oh I wish we had a Sweet and Natural here! I'm still fixated on their Blueberry Lemon Cake since you last mentioned it! :)

xvavaveganx said...

Glad that the sandwich worked out for you! Seems to have worked out very well for you in the end. Too bad the party had not yet started at the Brewery. The soup sounds delicious and the stuffed cabbage looks amazing!! What was it stuffed with Rice and veggies? Gotta love the thumbprints.

Nikki said...

I love your blog because you tend to eat all of my pre-gluten-free favorites and it makes me happy to see things like delicious vegan reuben sandwiches and pints of beer. Too bad the brewery event was off to a slow start, but the rest of your day in eats looks very successful :)

Ingrid said...

It looks pretty warm in VA. I've not had a cabbage wrap, but it sounds good and looks pretty healthy.

Nooo. . .bad news for two chicks?! :(

Mary said...

Oh my gosh, that sandwich looks so good! I love tofu scramble but I wouldn't mind that substitution either!

foodfeud said...

What! This all looks great, if unplanned! Glad to hear the reuben was alright - I've never tried one but there seem to be a lot of different takes on them, and no one is quite happy.
Visiting breweries is my idea of a good time. I had no idea Flying Dog brewed in VA, although I might if I paid more attention. Did you like the stuff? Anyway, yr aside reminds me of this cartoon:
Roz Chast is fun. If you consider neurotic fun. I do.

Anonymous said...

Hurray to the reuben. It looks incredible!

Mike likes Flying Dog beer. Too bad it was dull there, though.

That stuffed cabbage sounds really good.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

GFHTummy, thanks, it was another good food day.

Stephanie, so you've been 'out there' with knowledge of this Reuben and didn't let me know?! What else am I missing out on????

Moonsword, the Blueberry Lemon Cake is very impressive. If you must fixate on something, that is a good thing to choose.

VaVa, yep, the Cabbage was stuffed with Rice & Veggies. Extremely well done for food off a supermarket hot bar.

Nikki, sounds like you used to eat really well;-)

Ingrid, we've had gorgeous weather finally. Yes, bad news for the two chicks. Chickens can be both very hardy and very fragile. These chicks couldn't handle being integrated with the bigger chickens. I failed on my homework assignment, but maybe you'll give me an extension?

Mary, it was a good thing there was no Tofu Scramble. Now I will always get the Reuben when I go to Common Market. I never would've known about it.

FF, Mr SV & I were very amused by the cartoon. We both chuckled aloud. The brewery was in Frederick, Maryland. We only saw the huge vats outside, nothing inside. I'm not a Reuben expert, just a sandwich expert and this was an excellent sandwich.

Molly, my hopes were too high for the Bazaar. I wanted to buy and eat stuff and there wasn't anything much to buy or eat.