Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday, August 28th

Here's my 1/4 piece of Danish en route to work...
Speaking of fractions, I took a half day today. Picked up lunch at Wegmans en route home. A cup of Black Bean Soup (tasted horrible compared to WF's, but might just need some getting used to)...
and a Salad Bar Salad to which I added my own Goddess Dressing and Croutons when I got home.
Boca Burgers and Baked Potatoes with Sour Supreme for dinner.
A Coconut Cupcake from Natalia's Elegant Creations for dessert.
This is the food I ate today. Nothing more. So here is a personal tidbit: I've had a cat hair stuck in my left eye for two days. It is going to feel so great when I finally get it out.


Ingrid said...

1. Exit banana, entering parking brake for breakfast phallic imagery.

2. Don't get used to it! Long live WF soup bar.

3. The coconut cupcake looks divine, was it?

4. May the cat hair work its way out your eye during your next shower. *fingers crossed*

foodfeud said...

Haha to everything Ingrid said!
I had a teacher who once said that "anything longer than it is wide" counts as a phallic image. So there you have it.
I was allergic to cats as a kid and still react pretty badly to hair...especially in my eye. Hope you can flush it out.

xvavaveganx said...

Lol @ Ingrid's #1.

Your danish looks so cozy all snuggled up there in your car. The soups look the same, too bad today's wasn't great. I have to agree with Ingrid, WFs will remain salad bar champion. Although I do miss Wegmans a lot (it was my grocery store of choice in college ;]). Mmm baked potatoes with sour cream. That cupcake looks so yummy! Totally jealous as always.

Re: TJs stuffed grape leaves, yes I've obviously tried them ;) I like them a lot actually and they are way less expensive than the ones I typically get but I don't get to TJs much and they don't last super long so I can't stock up. They are good though!

Boo for a cat hair in your eye! Hope you can get it out soon, that's no fun at all!

Anonymous said...

hahaha oh gosh, great comments so far! :) And such a bummer about the cat hair! I hope it comes out soon - that can be so aggravating! On a lighter note, those burgers look amazing with that fresh tomato! And that cupcake looks fabulous! have a great night!

Miss Rachel said...

Thank you Ingrid. I immediately zoned in on the new, non-banana phallic imagery. It's not as if I was looking for it; it's just obvious.

How was that cupcake?

Jenny said...

Man it gets filthy around here when I'm gone for a few days. What is less filthy than mine though is your car, it appears. I can't keep my car clean for a day. I mean the area where your Danish sits is mass chaos in my car. I have to dig through layers to find the break. Did you get the cat hair out? Does that happen often? See that's why I can't have a cat. I wish their hairs weren't so precarious.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Ingrid, the Cupper was pretty darn good. From Falls Church, no less, so keep in mind for Grandma gifts. 'Shower'?! I worked from home today. No showers necessary. The cat hair naturally worked itself out during the night though;-)

FF, it is called a PARKING BRAKE, people! So great that you still have a cat even though you are potentially allergic. Although you hate Peanut Butter and Ice Cream, so it sort of evens out.

VaVa, thanks for letting me know the TJ's Stuffed Grape Leaves are worth buying.

GFHTummy, thanks for not pointing out the supposedly obvious phallic symbol.

Miss Rachel, this is so flippy! I totally was just looking for a new spot to photograph my Danish. It was a good cupcake. Not as good as homemade VCTOTW cuppers though.

Jenny, that's why I can't have kids. They really really trash up one's vehicle. Yes, the cat hair is now floating freely around the house. No longer in my eye.