Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday, August 27th

The below pic was taken in order to show the size of a Vegan Treats Blueberry Danish. Unsuccessfully. Anyway, breakfast was a 1/4 piece of the below Danish. Eating cake for breakfast really makes me hungry by lunch time. Which makes lunch taste better than usual.
Same sh*t, different day-- Adobo Black Bean Chili...
and Salad Bar for lunch. Followed by some of the TJ's CC Raisins I keep in my desk.
Field Roast Frankfurters and TJ's Tots for dinner followed by Everlasting Life Cafe Macaroni & Cheese for dessert.
Coming up tomorrow: Another 1/4 piece of Danish. Probably WFs again.


foodfeud said...

You should hold the danish in yr hand for scale! Or next to a pup's head! Just don't let said pup snatch it from you.
Anything to get more pup pictures.
What time do you usually eat lunch?

blessedmama said...

Oh, man, I wanted to be first! I wrote a comment on Sunday's food before I realized I missed the "Hey Now!", and I kept popping back here to try and catch your next post. Well, at least I lost to an honorable woman.

So, I'm still thinking I could chow down on that Danish at one sitting. But, I guess it's hard for me to imagine stopping when something is so yummy. JK and I have been eating lunch at Whole Foods occasionally when we do our shopping. He loves the special time and food.

xvavaveganx said...

You're not fooling me, I know what's behind that * ;) That danish looks amazing and I agree with FF, holding the danish in your hand (or to a pups head) would definitely show scale! Mmmm looks so good.

That soup always looks great and that's a great looking salad you put together. You know I'm a sucker for tots too. Actually, I could go for CC raisins too. Those are prob my fav chocolate treat.

Anonymous said...

that danish looks so delicious -- i'm literally drooling! haha and mac and cheese for dessert - how perfect:) delicious looking salad bar concoction too! have a great tues!

Miss Rachel said...

That's a really gorgeous salad and a nice photograph too. I would probably want the Danish for dessert.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, I did think of using a pup's head for Danish scale. So don't be thinking it was your idea first when it shows up on the blog. Lunch is at 10:53am. Highlight of my day.

Blessed Mama, lucky JK getting to grow up eating at WFs! Gotta lay that healthy foundation to last a life time.

VaVa, harkening back to Raisinettes. Speaking of TJ's, I did see Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) there as well. Have you tried their brand? I need to ask this on your blog.

GFHTummy, I drool a lot too. It feels good to get that truth out there.

Miss Rachel, your comments always make me go back and relook at my post to see what you're talking about. Thanks for the compliment.