Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday, August 18th

Lunch was at Everlasting Life Cafe again. My Steak and Cheese Sub $6.60 actually turned out to be a Steak and Mayo Sub. No 'Cheese' anywhere. I was concerned about all the Mayo, but it actually worked...
also enjoyed a side of Fries $2.50...
and, of course, a Rising Sun Smoothie $6.60 for the ride out of D.C.
I thought I would never eat again, but I managed to find room for a bowl of Mr. SV's Chili for dinner.
Below is Jerry enjoying a Fry from lunch.
Coming up tomorrow: More familiar eating establishments.


Ingrid said...

I'm glad you were able to satisfy your desire for the Steak and Cheese Sub. Looking over the menu, it mentions being smothered in soy cheese. Was the "mayo" slightly cheesy in flavor, at least?

You are so kind to save fries for Jerry, I'm sure he was appreciative. How are the chicks doing?

foodfeud said...

Yeah, maybe they thought the mayo could pass for melty cheese? Either way, kind of disappointing. Generous with the fries, too.
How do the chicks like the fries??

Anonymous said...

bummer about the mayo -- glad it worked though:) and awww, Jerry! The little fry guy:) so cute

Alessandra said...

What a cute chuck you have there!

xvavaveganx said...

I would be a little bummed out about the mayo situation but that's because I don't like mayo lol. THe fries look so perfect though it would probably make up for it for me! Can you tell us the smoothie ingredients again? Glad you found room for the chili and I love the pic of Jerry! That's the most we've seen of you too!

Haha a dog groomer I am not. I don't know who they went too but they took a lot off. He looks really teeny now. He's such a cuddlebug though, I'll definitely get some pics for you guys :)

Molly said...

Jerry is so adorable. <3

Weird that they used mayo instead of cheese on the sub. It looks good, though. Those fries look perfect.

Any chance you'll post Mr. SV's chili recipe someday? Mike would be all over that. :)

Miss Rachel said...

The steak and mayo sand looks delish.

I find the angle of the chicken (?) photo confusing. What is that red thing on top of his head? Is he some kind of exotic breed of chicken? I'm glad you shared your fries with him though.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Ingrid, sometimes you seem so naive. I hope your 9th graders don't abuse you too much. No, the mayo was extremely mayoey.

FF, I may be dopey, but I can tell the difference between cheese and mayo. The chicks love Fries.

GFHTummy, who am I to tell the Sub Guy how much mayo to use? Too bad they didn't have a shower to use for after lunch.

Alessandra, I love how they call them 'Chooks' 'down there'.

VaVa, no Mayo and no Olives? At least you like Avocado. The Rising Sun Smoothie is Soy Milk, Molasses, Tahini and Spirulina. I've tried once to recreate it and it was ugly.

Molly, Mr. SV made the Chili from a package from a local restaurant chain called 'Hard Times'. Not a real recipe.

Miss Rachel, Jerry is a Bantam Silkie Rooster. That is a 'comb' on top of his head. Maybe one night you can check out the 'farming' section of the library.

Molly said...

Ah, oh well. It looks good!