Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday, August 12th

Lunch was The Fried Chicken Sandwich $5.50 at Everlasting Life Cafe. I believe a small portion of this picture is in focus. Next time I'm going to try the Steak and Cheese Sandwich, it looked more to my liking.
Also got a side of Macaroni and Cheese $3.30.
A Rising Sun Smoothie $6.60 to go.
A massive Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes, TJ's Chickenless Chicken, Fresh Gourmet Croutons and Goddess Dressing for dinner.
Here's Molly...
and Poley...they agreed to help Mommy out with her blog.
Coming up tomorrow: Back to the grindstone, starting with another 1/4 piece of Danish.


sara said...

they are such cute little helpers!

Molly said...

Molly and Poley are so cute! <3 I just love it when dogs share my name.

A vegan steak & cheese sandwich? That used to be one of my faves before I went veg. I would love to find a vegan version!

Jenny said...

Poley is a cute name. How did u think of it? (and Molly, too, of course, but that goes without saying)

Mary said...

They are both too cute! Bet that smoothie is yummy!

Ingrid said...

Alright, this post is definitely within my top five. So jealous of your amazing eats. The biscuit on that sandwich is killer! I can't imagine a better option than this, but if you say there is - I will believe you.

Molly and Poley. . .I don't have the words to accurately express their beauty! You are a lucky gal!

xvavaveganx said...

OMG I can't. Molly and Poley are so freaking cute! You just totally turned a really crappy day around with those two adorable pics :)

That sandwich looks and sounds amazing and obviously mac and cheese would be the best side for it :) The salad for dinner was the perfect way to balance the day. Looks like you are putting those gorgeous heirloom tomatoes to good use :)

Oh and the sunburn from yesterday was just a warm up for what's happening right now. It got WAY worse today, it hurts to even look at it! said...

oh my gosh Molly and Poley are THE CUTEST!! i love Molly's little black and white face:) awww and what a delicious looking lunch! They always get ya on the juice prices...totally worth it though.

Miss Rachel said...

Oh the food looks good, especially that salad, but Molly and Poley definitely steal the show. SO freakin' cute!!! Thanks for sharing.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Sara, yes, the pups especially love to help when food accidentally falls on the floor.

Molly, I never had a regular steak and cheese, but I know they're popular. Apparently, there are a number of places in Philadelphia that make vegan steak & cheeses.

Jenny, Poley was already named when I adopted him from the Clarke County Animal Shelter. We assume he had a sibling named Roley.

Mary, the Rising Sun Smoothie is like the ultimate milkshake. Must be all the Tahini & Molasses.

Ingrid, I was surprised the Fried Chicken Sandwich was served on a huge Biscuit. Who knew? Still wasn't the be all/end all. Loving Hut's Chicken Sandwich is a million times better but I didn't want to state it on the main page. Thanks for liking the pup pics. Your turn to post a Remy pic.

VaVa, I've had so many bad sunburns in my life. It's horrible. I just hope it's not on your face. Your employer is putting you in harm's way. This is a serious issue.

GFHTummy, the Smoothie is so delicious, I'd be willing to pay way more than $6.60. Roxy is a scene stealer as well.

Miss Rachel, I admit, the pup pcis were a cheap stunt, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Have to spice up the blog some how.