Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WTF Wednesday

Lunch was so great yesterday, I decided to have it today for breakfast. Yes, it's weird, but I did it.Field Roast Frankfurter and Tater Tots for lunch.Veganomicon's Simple Seitan with A-1 Sauce and Baked Potatoes for dinner.
Soy Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream for dessert. This stuff stays properly frozen.
Coming up tomorrow: It's gonna be 83 degrees. What do people eat in summer? I'm not ready!


foodfeud said...

People barbecue hot dogs and eat ice cream in the summer! You look ready to me.
Breakfast isn't so weird - "eggs" is "eggs," right?

Molly said...

I agree with Maud- looks like you're already eating for summer and breakfast isn't weird at all. Delicious, yes!

Ingrid said...

I've been known to have dinner leftovers for breakfast. Usually Italian food, and usually cold. Hmm. . .now I want to make a lasagna.

Anyhoo, thanks for your thoughts on the V-con recipes! I'll try one during spring break. No more eggless salad - promise!

xvavaveganx said...

I'm always a fan of savory breakfasts and I've seen people eat egg (real or faux) for breakfast many times! Definitely not weird!

I agree, you definitely look ready for summer! 83 sounds so warm and amazing I'm a bit jealous! All of your potato variations look delicious and that ice cream looks like a perfect way to cool off on a warm day!

kimberly said...

the breakfast looks delicious...definitely not weird. sometimes, i just can't wait for lunch.

i know what you mean about not being ready for summer!! where is the transition?! i don't know how to adapt this quickly! haha.

Rose said...

oh, that is so not a weird breakfast if you ask me. I always eat dinner leftovers or some kind of sandwich for breakfast.

Enjoy the warm weather!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, when you put it that way: I am ready for summer. What a relief!

Molly, I'm so summery now it's not even funny.

Ingrid, leftover dinner for breakfast has never been my thing, but perhaps it should be. I am looking forward to your spring break experiments.

VaVa, it was the lettuce & olives that seemed a little off to me. I'm feeling reassured now that it was not so off after all.

Kimberly, we went from fall to spring. Very screwy.

Rose, no one told me we were supposed to be eating leftover dinner for breakfast. I'm always the last to know.