Tuesday, March 6, 2012

WTF Tuesday

Yes, this was weird but I chose to have Yves Salami on Rye with Yellow Mustard for breakfast. It might have had something to do with not having breakfast till late in the morning.
A bowl of homemade Vegetable Soup for lunch. There is tons more where this came from.
Half a WF's Veggie Burger w/A1, Broccoli & Baked Potatoes for dinner. Again.
Rice Divine Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream for dessert. This is the third time I've found it melted when I went to open the freezer. Melted but also with ice crystals (any refrigerator mechanics out there?). I added Peanut Butter which I highly recommend doing to ice cream.
Coming up tomorrow: Trying to reign in the crazy. I'm anticipating Grape Nuts for breakfast and leftover Pasta Primavera for lunch. Don't freak out if I'm wrong.


foodfeud said...

Can we talk about the salami? How do they make all those speckles? Did you used to like non-vegan salami? Doesn't it freak you out?
Good thing you had a late breakfast or the flash on the yellow mustard would be blinding!

Bean said...

Yum, that soup looks great!

Ingrid said...

Totally fine, considering that I would eat breakfast for dinner, given the opportunity.

Do you consider dunking any crusty bread into your soup? Or maybe I have a strange soup-bread dependency.

xvavaveganx said...

Sometimes if I have to run out of the house without making a smoothie I'll run next door at work and grab rice and beans and veggies and it is one of my favorite breakfasts. Sometimes you just need a savory, comforting breakfast!

That soup still looks amazing. I really need to make a nice hearty soup like that. I can get behind the melty ice cream, but the melty with the ice crystals is an interesting phenomenon!

AikoVenus said...

Mm, I love your blog so much - all of your pictures and descriptions make me so hungry, though! ^^ I'm craving one of those sandwiches now...with some Russian mustard!

Miss Rachel said...

I'm big on savory breakfasts so that salami "sammich" looks great to me. I do know what FoodFeud means about salami's being sort of freaky, but I always think vegan meat just does not have the gross-out factor of dead animal meat.

What are you thinking about The Bachelor? I've been half watching The Women Tell All episode on and off all day. It's getting to the Courtney part now!

Rose said...

I have to agree with all the other savory breakfast types out there...looks good to me. Anything with mustard is a good way to start the day. I haven't had the Yves stuff, but I've tried the Tofurky pepperoni, which looks eerily like the real stuff too.

The rest of the day looks hearty and delicious too.

Molly said...

I've had mashed black beans and salsa on toast for breakfast many times, so I'm not one to judge non-traditional breakfasts. :)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, rest assured, this vegan Salami is not like the real stuff. Only the faux meat that I've bought in Asian markets has freaked me out. Sorry for almost blinding your little mole rat 'eyes' with my brilliant photography.

Bean, of course you would like it, there are 13 different types of beans in the soup!

Ingrid, heck yeah I am always wanting to dunk bread of any kind into my soup. Just cuz I'm not doing it doesn't mean I don't want to very badly.

VaVa, I knew you would understand my savory breakfast.

AikoVenus, your complimentary comment made my stomach growl. Weird.

Miss Rachel, The Women Tell All episode was a real let down for me. It was not the much needed catharthis I required.

Rose, I knew your European background would approve my savory 'breaky'.

Molly, Beans on Toast is very British. I hope you'll post it one day.