Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday, March 17th

Too many critter chores this morning, so no time for breakfast. Lunch at Loving Hut made up for it. Mr. SV & I shared an order of Summer Rolls $2.50...
And I finally tried Pho $7.50. There was more to this soup than is even shown in the photo. Jalapenos, Sprouts, Basil, Lime etc. The depth of flavor was incredible. Great stuff.
Tempeh and Pumpkin Seed Salad with Goddess Dressing for dinner. Usually I use a bag of TJ's Champs Elysee Salad Mix $1.99, but tonight I used Wegman's French Salad Mix $2.50. I'm thinking these were the same greens, just different packaging.
Half of a 'Spring Brownie' from Vegan Treats for dessert. There was both icing and sprinkles on a fudgy base.
Happy St. Patrick's Day.


foodfeud said...

Too many chores for breakfast! I hope lunch was early at least. The soup sounds great - that mushroom hot pot I made had lime in it and called for fresh basil as a garnish; you're right about the depth of flavor.

xvavaveganx said...

That Loving Hut meal looks so phenomenal! I haven't had Pho in so long and between you and Ingrid I've got a serious craving for it now! Yours looks so incredible!

The salad for dinner looks really yummy, and that brownie looks really fudgy and delicious! And that is only half?! That thing must have been big! It's very festive too. I love how you stretch your desserts out :)

Lots of critter chores huh? I can only imagine! Your crew is so beautiful though I'm sure it is worth the time :)

sara said...

oh, i love pho! loving hut's looks awesome. the spring rolls, too. happy st. paddy's!

Miss Rachel said...

It looks like there is shrimp in the summer rolls - what is that? This all looks very good, especially the pho. I need make brownies some time.

Ingrid said...

Hooray! So glad you loved the Pho. I regularly crave it, and the side plate you mention is always fantastic. I tend to load on the sprouts, and skip the jalapenos as I add a healthy amount of Sriacha.

Your evening salad sounds fantastic, too! It's definitely salad weather these days.

Molly said...

Everything you ate had some green!

The loving Hut food looks fantastic.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, sometimes baling hay and slopping hogs takes precedence over an English Muffin with butter and jelly. You know how it is.

VaVa, I do have a beautiful crew. That's how they manipulate me into doing their bidding.

Sara, Happy St. Paddy's to you as well!

Miss Rachel, faux shrimp are everywhere these days. Very commonplace. They look just like the real thing.

Ingrid, what will you get me to eat next?! Should be interesting.

Molly, wish I could do better at these holidays. They sneak up on me every year.

Rose said...

OMG the food looks good...yesterday...:( Sorry for popping in late.

I love Pho...that looks like an awesome instance of it! That salad always gets me too. I've got to try that type of dressing sometime.

kimberly said...

that pho soup looks really, really great! i want to make that sometime.

hope you had a great st. pat's (even though it was almost a week ago!)