Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday, December 31st

Reheated leftovers from last week for breakfast: Sarah Kramers Banana Pancakes with Agave Nectar and Yves Breakfast Patties.Fried Chicken and Mac & Cheese $9.80 for lunch at Everlasting Life Cafe. On our last visit here, we saw a man and woman engaged in a public fist fight a few blocks away from the restaurant. Mr. SV was quite excited by this and has been wanting to come back ever since to potentially see it again. Not today, thank you.
My 'Rising Sun' Smoothie $6.60 for the ride home. After all this grub, Mr. SV & I swore off ever eating again.
Toso Brut for imbibage tonight. $9/bottle at WF's.
Green Olive Spread on Rye Crackers to settle my stomach from all the everlasting life goodness.
One vacation day down, two to go.


xvavaveganx said...

Whooooooa! There is a lot of awesomeness in this post from the amazing breakfast I'm still jealous of, to the total comfort food lunch that I'm also jealous of, to the fist fight and the smoothie. I am curious about the man v. woman fistfight and whether or not the lady held her own and what on earth would cause a man to raise a hand to a woman. Crazy!

Have a drink for me, I was planning on having some wine but had to switch to tea because of an upset tummy :(

Happy New Year to you, Mr. SV, and all of your gorgeous little fur babies!

Stacy said...

Happy New Year, Shen! That fried fake chicken looks awesome and I hope you have a great 2012!

foodfeud said...

Shen, I'd like to see you recreate that smoothie! The one I tried to make was good but yrs looks creamier and you'd probably better understand how to approximate it.
Cheers on the Toro; I picked up some bubbly too but I think I ate too much to enjoy it tonight!
Either way, happy New Year.

Ingrid said...

Banana pancakes sound divine! Did you bring home any new items from Everlasting Life Cafe?

Two weeks total for winter break, now they are both gone. The family I have in VA has less than two weeks off. Maybe that's a change? Here, two weeks is standard - one near Christmas, one near New Year's.

Molly said...

Pretty good for the last food of 2011! I hope you had a wonderful night and thank goodness you didn't see another fight. Yikes!

Rose said...

I'd go back for that fried fakin' chik'n stuff any day, but I could without the fighting. Good to know they're not a permanent installation, sounds brutal.

Hope you enjoyed the bubbley! Happy New Year!

Miss Rachel said...

Funny thing to see a fist fight near a place called "Everlasting Life." That does sound kind of messed up though and I hope they're OK.

What's in the smoothie? I'm not one for fruit drinks, but I'm imagining it to be a (vegan) vanilla milkshake (or frappe as they say in Massachusetts), and that would be tasty.

Love that Molly - what a sweetheart. Happy New Year!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, it looked to be a fair fist fight between the man and the woman. We'll forever regret not stopping the car to see how it ended. Happy New Year to you, Delilah, your future Esty bakeshop and all your stealth ninja moves.

Stacy, Happy New Year to you, Mr. Shorty Can Burn, the cats and your assortment of disturbing esoterica. Hope you don't unexpectedly pull the plug on the blog in 2012.

FF, I'm way ahead of you. We purposely sat at the bar to watch the Smoothies being made and, of course, the Rising Sun Smoothies are premade and just blended with ice when ordered. Typical. Happy New Year to you and both your real life and cartoon squirrel. Oh and that guy you shack up with and Haxan. Phew! Lot going on there.

Ingrid, I picked up some beautiful Chocolate Chippers at ELC to be showcased soon. I thought VA schools has another week or two off? Sure seems like they're always on vacation around here (no complaints from me, sure alleviates the traffic). Happy New Year to you and Remy and your neighbor's cat.

Molly, Happy New Year to you, Mike, Emma, Rowan, Crystal and Sophie.

Rose, Happy New Year to you and Mr. Dandelion, Cheeky, Lucky, Molly and your other assorted whiskery tenants.

Miss Rachel, the Rising Sun Smoothie is a mysterious blend of Tahini, Blackstrap Molasses, Spirulina and Sweetener. Guess we'll never know how it's created, but I assure you, it is like what would be found at a house in New Orleans that call the Rising Sun. Happy New Year to you and Sweetie and your Mother.