Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday, December 1st

Couldn't get it together this morning to take a pic of an Apple and Energy Bite. My WF's Salad for lunch looked good though -- loaded up on Hearts of Palm, Artichokes, Quinoa & Grilled Tofu.
Tostadas for dinner.
The last item carried out from Everlasting Life Cafe, a ten-pound Cinnamon Bun:
It was so ridiculously huge, I had buy this as an oddity. Fortunately, my first piece of the Behemoth Bun was not dry and had lots of Cinnamon and Icing. It should only take four or five months to finish it.
Obviously, the 'Lose It' App on the Droid is not having the desired effect on my food intake. Hoping to really dial it back on the calorie consumption. Could it be this blog be causing me to gain weight?!


xvavaveganx said...

You are right, that salad does look REALLY good! Yum! Your blog has put me into a tostada/quesadilla phase I had some for dinner too! That cinnamon bun is ginormous and looks SO GOOD! The Lose It! app is definitely an eye opener in a good and bad way, I'm constantly surprised by some of the counts!

foodfeud said...

I'm definitely of the mind that writing a reading blogs makes me gain weight. There's so much delicious stuff out there that I "need" to try or bake or whatever. It's kind of crazy. But we can't worry about it too much. You do seem to cut back and you don't snack at all (oddly), you put your food onto a plate and take the time to photograph it, you DON'T eat massive cinnamon buns all at once; it doesn't seem like you could do more.
The salad looks great. As does the bun, yes.

Stacy said...

Holy. Smokes. That bun!!!! It looks so good!
This'll sound really weird, but you inspired me to buy iceberg lettuce for the first time in my life! We've been having it on various Mexican items all week, including (yes) tostadas!!
I say if you feel good, f**k counting calories.

Ingrid Improves said...

I had a WF salad for lunch today, too! However, it was of the pre-packaged variety. Definitely could've used some grilled tofu.

I heart the 10 lb cinnamon bun. How does Mr. SV not assist you with it's demolition?!

Molly said...

I'll help you eat that bun! It looks perfect.

If I ever get an iPhone (well, I should say when I get one), I'll have to check out that app. I haven't been as good this month as I was in October....

Rose said...

C'mon Shen, get it together! LOL, just kidding! I'd wouldn't be on top of things enough to photo breakfast in a million years. I'm in awe of your ability to post daily!

That salad is chock full of good stuff! And the tostada's look gorgeously crunchy the crunch of the tortilla and the lettuce against the softness of the refried beans.

10-lb cinnamon roll? By gor, I'm looking forward to seeing this reoccur throughout the coming months.

Yeah, blogging can be both good and bad for the old weight. I'm not especially tempted by sweets I see on blogs, but some good fried stuff...I'll probably have to try it. Actually, I think reading the blogs has helped me lose weight and eat healthier. I never did green juices or green smoothies before I started blogging.

Zoa said...

I am in awe of your power to stretch out a single dessert than one sitting. Even it it's a whole cake, plate of tarts, batch of brownies, whatever. I absolutely can't, and therefore have to keep them out of the house altogether.

Does blogging make you fat? For me, the jury's still out on this one. I have to cook in tiny little single-serving increments so as not to have leftovers that can't be used as ingredients, or I'll eat the whole thing just to get it out of the fridge. On the other hand, once I got the hang of the ingredient/increment deal and out of leftover mode, I'm finding I can keep my weight down (more or, sometimes, less) and still eat well. Good luck to you, though with your iron will I doubt you'll need it!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, I must surrender to the App and watch the pounds melt away. I must!

FF, true, I'm not a snacker at all. No Coffee Cake or Scones controlling my mind. Still, I don't burn off the calories like you do stomping around the mean streets of New York. I drive to work and sit in a cube all day.

Stacy, don't be blaming me for that Iceberg Lettuce in your fridge! I just buy the bag of shredded stuff for sprinkling on the Tostadas.

Ingrid, I've eyeballed (gross!) the pre-packaged Salads at WFs, but have never bought them. Those PP Salads would probably help me with portion control. (Mr. SV only eats Chocolate desserts that have no Coconut. That leaves a lot of desserts open to me).

Molly, this App was one of the main reasons I got the phone (the first reason was my work cutting off WiFi, so I needed the 4G).

Rose, setting off a camera flash at 6am is quite grating. What I do for this blog. Anyway, if I ate the big piles of Veggies like you do, I'd be okay. It's my penchant for processed faux meats, Bread & Potatoes that finally did me in.

Zoa, it's a paradox. Blogging introduces lots of different foods that I'd normally miss out on. Yep, I can keep 50 pounds of sugary desserts in the house and not be interested in eating any of them. It's important to me to just know they're there in case I ever want a nibble. One Blogger's Iron Will is another Blogger's Food Hoarding.

Michelle said...

OMG...that cinnamon bun is soooo calling my name. That might last one day with me. :)

Tony was using the Lose It app. Notice I said was....I think he got tired of posting I've heard of a lot of people loosing weight by using it though.