Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday, December 4th

Two cups of Grits from House of Light for breakfast (one cup would've been enough but I didn't want to risk it).
Then things went off the rails at lunch. Garlic Soba Noodles with Vegetables $9 from Mimosa Asian Restaurant. I got a box ready to take home half, but wound up eating the entire plate. Made me feel very sleepy.
I was in 'why bother?' mode, so two Tostadas for dinner.
In honor of Ingrid winning VaVa's giveaway, I ate my last Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodle (stuffed with Wegman's Crunchy PB) for dessert. Ingrid's life just improved considerably.
The Bathroom Cats came through their respective neutering/spaying with flying colors and now just want to wrestle and groom themselves all day. These will probably be the last pics of them, since they'll be moving to the barn soon to reunite with Mom and have lots of room to play.
This guy will be a tough one to not keep in the house. He just wants to love and be loved non-stop.A two-fer.
Their Mom, Marmalade Umlaut, is doing well in the barn. Although, the litter boxes don't seem to be of interest to her.


Molly said...

Are the kitties ever adorable! That last picture is especially cute (and well shot!). Do you live in the country?

The soba noodle dish looks fantastic and I could go for one of those snickerdoodles right now.

Isobelle said...

Wow, they grow so fast! They look a lot bigger since I last saw their pictures. So adorable!

Ingrid Improves said...

Ah, yes - grits are great (alliteration intended). The noodles must've been really delicious if you didn't have any leftovers.

I'm SO EXCITED, and am well aware how greatly my life will improve thanks to Sarah's cookies!

I'm guessing that the kitties will wander back towards the house every now and then! Don't you have one cat that lives in the house full time?

xvavaveganx said...

OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitty pics, especially the first one! They are really beautiful cats and they are lucky to have found a great home!

I agree, the soba dish looks and sounds really good. I used to love soba and udon noodles. The tostadas for dinner made the day that much yummier, and yay for the snickerdoodle! :)

foodfeud said...

All together now with the soba. That looks awesome. I love the kitty pics. I want one so badly!
How far did you get in the crossword?? - Or do you only use it as litter box cuttings?

Rose said...

Omg kitty cuteness! Cats, kittens especially are by far the hardest things to resist in the world! I see new permanent family members in your future. Glad to hear they all came through the procedures with flying colors.

As for the grits...maybe it's an acquired taste, but I can't imagine one bowl ever being not enough. :D

Do I see a new craze coming on of Why Botha' Tostadas?

...I know, that was lame, lol

Rose said...

Oh okay, on reading again, I see that all kitties are to become permanent residents chez the SV: some in the barn with the little charming fellow becoming a proper house's a regular Upstairs Downstairs of the cat world, lol. But seriously, it's so absolutely awesome what you've done for these guys! You're a star.

Stacy said...

I thought you were keeping the cats?!?

The food looks worthy of going off the rails!

Stacy said...

Although I would not be willing to keep a cat that wouldn't use a litter box....

Michelle said...

Ha, I had grits this morning. I haven't had them in forever and they sure did hit the spot.

Wow...lunch looks delish!

Yay for the kitties! They are all adorable. I'm sure they will be happy to be reunited with momma. You may be lost when they leave the house...

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

Molly, hard to take a bad pic of kittens, but somehow I manage. We live in a semi-rural area with civilization fast encroaching.

Isotope, why must kittens grow up so fast? It's a crime!

Ingrid, I wanted to work 'Kiss My Grits' into yesterdays post somewhere, but couldn't figure out how to do it. We have three cats currently living in the house, but just one that hangs around the kitchen.

VaVa, better get that Esty Vegan Bakery up and running soon. I'm down to the Choc Chip/Brownie Truffles.

FF, I'd say 95% finished. It's the Washington Post Sunday Puzzle. Way easier than the NYTimes Puzzle. When I sit in the bathroom room with the kittens, I do the puzzle. Keeps me occupied while they try to figure out what I am.

Rose, I certainly don't feel like a rockstar. I feel like a monster, but if what I did prevents future generations of unwanted cats, then perhaps my time here on earth wasn't for naught.

Stacy, I'm keeping the cats, just not in the house. We have a 'barn' with electricity, heat for winter, fans for summer etc. lots of stuff for cats to do in there with baskets/cushions/windows.

Michelle2, if Mr. SV wasn't around, they'd all become permanent house cats. They're so unbelievable sweet.

G Kobayashi said...

Soba noodles look wonderful. Sounds like a great restaurant. I make my own but that looks much better!

Zoa said...

I finally found some grits (this is amazingly hard to do in northern Canada, at least in the places I shop) and need to try them soon. And, yeah, those noodles wouldn't have lasted longer than one meal chez moi, either. Oh, very well, this is true of all noodles whatsoever; planning for "leftover" pasta is one big fat delusion in my world.

And those cats are utterly adorable. Good for you for taking such good care of them.