Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday, December 5th

The usual (of late) Apple for breakfast. Tofu & Steamed Vegetables from WF's for lunch.
The last of the Field Roast Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute and Zucchini Pancakes for dinner.
There is every manner of Cookie/Cake/Pie/Candy/Ice Cream in the kitchen beckoning to me, but I'm keeping it at 1500 calories (not counting the Vodka). So goodnight!


Isobelle said...

You're doing good, Shen!

I hope you're allowing yourself one of those treats at least once a week or something though? For all of this hard work, you sure deserve it!

I still haven't made those zucchini pancakes but I'm thinking they would be good for my holiday dinner.

Stacy said...

Going to bed early is a good way to avoid temptation. Food temptation, anyhow. Heh heh.

xvavaveganx said...

Oooh both meals look yummy, especially your lunch! I agree, it is important to treat yourself every once in a while :) It actually helps to keep you more on track believe it or not. You are doing great though! This app is very eye opening, I have to say!

Ingrid Improves said...

Ok, now I'm not feeling guilty for still working on my Tofurkey roast. I don't have it everyday, and I'm constantly surprised by how much still remains!

Way to resist the treats! *high five*

Molly said...

I admire your willpower! Your food looks really good today.

Sounds like you live in a similar area as me. We're right on the edge of the city with a few farms nearby, but things are developing pretty fast close to us.

foodfeud said...

Apples actually are pretty great for breakfast, they seem to hold me over pretty well (though I eat mine as snacks, not breakfast.) Do you have a favorite variety?

Rox said...

Seems delicious!

Michelle said...

Wow, GREAT food day! You have great willpower.

BTW, If you're not going to eat all the desserts that you have, please just send them my way. :o)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Isotope, take your time perfecting the vegan ZPs. I know you'll hit em out of the park.

Stacy, cute. If only the details of Mr SV & my sleeping arrangements would bring in more comments...not the case...quite the snooze fest...

VaVa, I agree. Treating myself is what I live for.

Ingrid, shoulda gone for the Field Roast! It'd be long gone.

Molly, what can we do to stop the development??? Where are all these people coming from???

FF, Apples do seems to work really well for Breakfast. I have been enjoying the Fujis lately, but I'm no expert. Just like em crispy.

Rox, tx!

Michelle2, I'd send you my excess desserts, but the postage would be outrageous.