Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday, December 19th

Today started off well with a Grapefruit and a Spirulina Energy Bite.
Then in the interest of Holiday cheer, lunch was carryout from Red Robin. My Boca Burger order was correct, so that was good.But I felt gross from all the Fries, so I bought a bag of Mike & Ikes from the vending machine. Chewy pellets of Sugar, Corn Syrup, Mineral Oil, Wax and Red #40. Felt beyond gross.
Field Roast Celebration Roast and Brussel Sprouts for dinner. Started to feel better.
A Snyders Pretzel for dessert. (Gotta support the sponsors of Watch What Happens Live).
Back on the wagon tomorrow.


Ingrid Improves said...

Really, it was only the french fries and candy. You win extra points for grapefruit, spirulina, and brussel sprouts.

I support Snyder's and Andy Cohen. Except that he doesn't allow too many episodes streaming on-line (for those of us who refuse to pay $100 / mo for cable).

xvavaveganx said...

I agree with Ingrid, the grapefruit, spirulina and brussels totally make up for the sugar. Is it weird that I didn't know that Snyder's was a sponsor for WWHL? I watch it all the time too. I guess I just don't pay attention to that stuff. I'd say the day sounds really tasty overall, and I don't think you really veered that far off track. It's all about balance :)

Miss Rachel said...

Right - everything you ate wasn't healthy, but you didn't eat huge amounts of it either. Onward!

Stacy said...

So out of touch--I have no idea what WWHL is. Those fries do look awesome. Are you sure they weren't worth it?!?!

blessedmama said...

I'm loving the breakfast additions. It just wasn't complete without them. That is one big grapefruit! Glad you started to feel better after a healthy dinner. How are the kitties?

Rose said...

The grapefruit and the little bite make a great pair...kind of like Laurel and Hardy or the Skipper and Gilligan...I won't go into which is which.

I can see how the Mike and Ike's would make you feel gross, and I always eat way too many fries when I have them...but, 'tis the season to be jolly after all.

Molly said...

I'm with Stacy- I have no idea what WWHL is....

I feel gross after eating some junk, too, but compared to most? We're doing pretty well. :)

Michelle said..., I'm another one who has no idea what WWHL is??? Just when I thought I was getting away from that rock....oh well.

I think all the food looks great! Well, except for the Mike and Ikes...for some reason I never liked those. :o)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Ingrid, but it was so so many Fries and the Candy had all that Red #40, ugh! (More importantly: Life is short, pay for cable).

VaVa, yes it is totally weird that you don't notice Andy eating a big honkin' Pretzel during the show.

Miss Rachel, easy for you to say. I was the one watching as my hand moved the Fries one by one into my mouth till they were gone. Why didn't I stop myself???

Stacy, to all the Fries I've loved before....No regrets there. These, however, were not great Fries.

Blessed Mama, the Kitties are doing great. Completely manic. As soon as the camera comes out though, fun is over, so no pics in the barn as of yet.

Rose, I'm sure no grossness ever invades your being. I must move to Seattle where all ingredients are of the utmost quality.

Molly, I definitely tried to tell myself that I was doing better than my coworkers that were eating the meat with the cheese and the candy canes and fudge, but it just wasn't working. Not sure how their bodies handle all that, mine sure couldn't.

Michelle2, I'm having a hard time keeping up with rock too. Especially Florence and the Machine. What's that about? Just not getting it! Anyway, speaking of Machines, the second I saw that Mike & Ike's had been loaded, I knew there was no turning back. Had to show $upport for the vegan vending machine option. And I paid the price of mental and physical well-being. Ugh.

Jenny said...

Mike & Ikes? I hope you never eat those again. As your pseudo-adopted mother, I say no more.