Tuesday, December 20, 2011

WTF Tuesday

Based on FF's rec of TJ's Cranberry Apple Butter, breakfast was the aforementioned Butter and Speculoos on a toasty Ezekiel English Muffin.
Although Speculoos is common in Europe, I doubt it will catch on here in the States since it sounds too much like Speculum which is something most people try to avoid.
Lunch was a $1.99 bag of TJ's Champs Elysee Salad mix with FF inspired Pepitas and Goddess Dressing.
A Snyders Pretzel for a snack.
Boca Chikn Patties and Roasted Brussel Sprouts for dinner.
Followed by yet more Pretzels. So much for the gluten-free thing...


Stacy said...

Arrrgh! I already had dinner *AND* brushed my teeth, but this is making me hungry. Remind me again why you wanted to go gluten free. Isn't gluten your friend?!?

BTW your post on my blog was hi-larious, although now I've had that damn song in my head for hours.

Ingrid said...

Speculum, oh dear! Where does one find Speculoos? World Market?

Maud would be pleased with your salad!

Pretzels have an addictive quality. I have fallen prey to their powers in the past.

Molly said...

That sounds like one mighty tasty breakfast. I'm jealous!

Mike loves pretzels. Other than the soft ones, I have no interest in them.

xvavaveganx said...

I missed this week's episode, that is prob why I didn't see him munching on the pretzel :) Your breakfast looks AMAZING. WHere did you find the Speculoos?! It sounds SOOO good! Nice salad and brussels are always good :)

foodfeud said...

So you DID brave TJs before Christmas! Brava. Now I might have to for some of that cookie butter; I've heard great things.... and yes, it sounds much more appetizing than a speculum.
I am proud of your salad! And oddly enough, I bought pretzels today and can't keep my hands off em either. Two peas in a pod, we are!

Jenny said...

I was worried you were going to have no more luck with gluten-free than I would. Speculum is not a good word. And I should know because I think I'm going to have one in me this week.

Michelle said...

Dang, I'm jealous of that cranberry apple butter. It would have to come from TJ's...a 2 and a half hour drive for me. Maybe I'll luck up on some somewhere else. :o) That cookie butter sure sounds good too.

I like pretzels, but chocolate covered pretzels are tha bomb! I used to love to get those big soft pretzels and smear mustard all over them....yum! Now I want one!!

Miss Rachel said...

Is Speculoos spread (speculum?! Why did you make me think of that?!) like Biscoff spread? A friend of mine was singing its praises on Facebook. Sounds like an interesting idea...

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Stacy, Mr. SV does that teeth brushing thing to prevent more eating in the evening. I wait till morning to be sure I'm really done. I'm thinking gluten may contribute to my depressive nature. So far, I been unable to go off it long enough to determine if that's so.

Ingrid, one finds Speculoos at Trader Joes. One finds Speculums under one's GYN's table. I need to get to World Market this weekend, i.e., Saturday.

Molly, you've never done Starbucks and I've never done Auntie Annies. We're sort of even.

VaVa, wouldn't you know, this week's sponsor was Zappos instead of Snyders. Guess I'm in for some new synthetic footware. The Speculoos is from Trader Joes.

FF, I took my TJ's excursion minute-by-minute. Getting in and out of the miniature parking lot alone is an exercise in controlled rage. What kind of pretzels did you get? Spelt?

Jenny, good grief! Why cant they just let Little Baby VASF gestate in private??!

Michelle2, TJ's is not worth a 2 1/2 hour drive. The aisles are super narrow and congested, it's hard to get near the merchandise because of the other shoppers. It's especially awful this time of year.

Miss Rachel, apparently Speculoos is like Biscoff Spread. I know this now based on a quick internet search. Speculoos/Biscoff is just something to tide us over till someone veganizes Nutella.