Tuesday, December 27, 2011

WTF Tuesday

The last of Kashi Island Vanilla, with Rice Milk, for breakfast. Now I can finally move on to the superior Cinnamon flavor.
Tostadas made with Daiya Cheddar, TJ's Salsa Verde and Sour Supreme for lunch.
I've been noticing that Quorn has begun sending out free boxes of their new vegan burgers to other bloggers. The company apparently determined I should have to pay for my own burgers.
So I shelled out $4.29 for a box of four and enjoyed two tonight with Heinz-57 and Zucchini Pancakes. My verdict: They're at the Gardein price point, but without the Gardein quality. And that's not my bitterness talking. I don't think. Fortunately, I don't need their handouts.
Then there was some Wegman's Crunch PB on Kavli Rye Crackers just for the helluvit.


Molly said...

See, you could have given me the vanilla Kashi because I prefer it over the cinnamon, but I'm crazy like that.

I had no idea Quorn was making vegan burgers now. Not planning on buying them, but it's about time they veganized some!

Stacy said...

This cracks me up. No one ever offers me free stuff either, but eff the man, I say!!!

Rose said...

How on earth were we (you and I...and various other well-deserving vegans!) not on the free vegan burger list!! You, most of all...tireless vegan blogger that you are, deserve it! Very remiss on their part, I should say.

Anyway, Merry Christmas Shen. Sorry I've been out of the blogsphere, am just catching up...and I'm with you...better of without their handouts! If they prefer not to give handouts, let them do so and reduce the surplus handout population!!!

xvavaveganx said...

Yum great eats! Yay for cinnamon kashi :) Your tostada looks SO good. I've been wondering how people get freebies for testing. I want to get in on all that. Bummer the vegan Quorn products are sub par!

Michelle said...

I still haven't tried the vanilla Kashi, because I'm totally hooked on the cinnamon...thanks to you. :o)

I'm with ya on the free stuff...I never get the freebies either...oh well...life goes on. I'll just continue to pay for my own food and then not buy it again if I don't like it.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Molly, can't believe you prefer the Vanilla over the Cinnamon. The Cinnamon reminds me of Life cereal from my childhood. Maybe Quorn will send you some free burgers and you won't have to buy any.

Stacy, don't know why I react so negatively to seeing the freebies given out. Must be because it's confirming that my blog is what I created: not worthy of freebies.

Rose, thanks, it makes me feel better knowing that you and none of the other commenters on my blog got free Quorn Burgers either (that I know of). Don't forget to post your Christmas Ravioli pics and recipe.

VaVa, you would be good at raving about and describing products. I'm more of a 'this was breakfast' 'this was lunch' 'this was dinner' type blogger, in case you didn't notice.

Michelle2, bet the Kashi company would be more than wiling to send us all free boxes of cereal just cuz they're not into promoting exclusivity (I'm just guessing).

Miss Rachel said...

I don't know if I'm just prejudiced, but Quorn gives me the creeps, and I'm not surprised to hear it doens't even taste good. Yucky-yucky. http://www.cspinet.org/quorn/