Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WFH Wednesday

Lunch was a sandwich comprised of Wegman's Spicy Peppadew Bruschetta, Baby Spinach and Avocado on toasted Whole Wheat Bread. Really good, if I must say so myself.
Then I had a 'Kind Diet' Brownie. Doubt I'll ever get around to icing these, as they're fine without icing. I prefer my Brownies fudgier, but these are definitely moist.
Dinner was this Tetrazzini Recipe from Recipezaar with a side of Roasted Cherry Tomatoes.
I changed a lot about the recipe (used one pound of Spaghetti instead of a half, Celery instead of Green Pepper, TJ's Chicken-less Chicken for the Seitan etc etc) but it is still a solid recipe I will make again and highly recommend.


Rose said...

It all looks delish...your right, that sandwich seems very tasty.

I'll have to check out the tetrazzini recipe, sounds good.

Vegan Epicurean said...

What are your thoughts on the Kind Diet book? Would you recommend it?

That sandwich is making me hungry.


The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Thanks, Rose! The recipe is not very ETL, more LTE.

Alicia, I don't own the book. I just cut the recipe out of the newspaper. The readers on Amazon seem to love it though.

Bianca said...

And I love it too! I even asked for Clueless for Xmas (after starting reading the Kind Diet) so I could watch Alicia Silverstone again in all her glory. She's my new obsession for now.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

'Clueless' is great. Paul Rudd is so hot!