Monday, February 9, 2009

Zesty Black Bean-Wheat Berry Chili

This recipe came from
It was my first time using Chipotle Peppers in
Adobo Sauce (the recipe also calls for two teaspoons of
light brown sugar, which I've never put in Chili)
As well as two cups of cooked Wheat Berries.
Again, my first time cooking these.
It is confusing because the recipe calls for two
cups of cooked Wheat Berries, but we start
with two cups of uncooked Wheat Berries.
The two cups of cooked worked perfectly in
the end.
This was delicious! A real keeper! Anybody
reading this must make this recipe!

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Bianca said...

I'm sure I would love this as I love the chewy texture of wheat berries! Thanks for the recipe.